702 tactical plinkster 22 semi~auto

Discussion in 'Mossberg 702 Plinkster' started by riverfishrman, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. riverfishrman

    riverfishrman Copper BB

    wondering if you had different clips,scopes,bi~pods ect. for this gun and where i can find them?

    thanks Don Levesque
  2. Rossignol

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    The Tactical .22?

    As far as I understand from what Mossberg says, and from what I have seen, anything thing you can mount to a standard picatinny rail will work.

    So, for bi-pods, there are quite a few options. A couple that come to mind would be Harris or Yankee Hill. Another option is a picatinny mount with the sling swivel stud, and then the bipod can mount to that. There is a thread on here with a couple of bipods mentioned;

    based on looks I like the Accu-Shot Atlas.

    I think the carry handle comes off the Tac .22? So again, anything that will mount to the picatinny. So are you wanting a scope, or a red dot holographic, or reflex?

    Mags, I dunno, its a 702. If you can find anyone making like a 30 rd. or something for the 702, you should be in good shape!
  3. rootbrain

    rootbrain .410

    Actually no, the "702 tactical" which now is the 715T I guess, does not have removable carry handle. But it does have a hole for a picatinny rail so you can scope it.

    Got mine at WallyWorld about a year ago. Good little plinkster.


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