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Discussion in 'Mossberg 590 Pump Action' started by stigmata, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. stigmata

    stigmata 20g

    need some help on this :?: well 2 questions?

    1. i want to get a heat shield for my flex 590 tactical 20", but only can find them for the 500/590(non-tactical). so are they pretty much the same and are most accessories for the 500/590 adaptible to the flex 590 tactical.

    2. i know mossberg has a metal heatshield (about $35), but i have also come across 3rd party makers of a composite material heatshield (about $19). is one better :?: or are they just trying to put a spin off mossbergs shield.
    anybody here use either one, and do they really fuction as intended.
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    1. I dont think you would have an issue with the heatshield for the 590 being for tactical or not. I believe it will fit any 500 or 590.

    2. Me personally I'd stick with was was designed by the manufacturer even if it was a bit more money. At least I would know that it will fit without having to do any major modifications to get an after market item to fit.

    Hope this helps,

    Water Monkey
  3. stigmata

    stigmata 20g

    thanks for the input water monkey.

    i normally stick with the manufacture product too, but sometimes other companies just might make a better looking or functioning product and wanted some feedback to kinda feel out the difference.

    also was hoping to find out if a metal heat shiled or composite heat shield was better? or even if it made a difference no mater the material.
  4. stigmata

    stigmata 20g

    Anyone here use any or have used a non-mossberg OEM heat shield for your 500/590 b4.
    If so how's the fit and what brand was it. Do u still use it or not.
    Just wanting feedback to gage if another tactical brand works as well as OEM parts.
  5. I just went through this with my 500 with the standoff barrel. LES filled me in on what I had as far as a 500 with a 590 barrel. The HS issue was a problem for space and clearance. But then again mine is an 18.5 inch barrel.

    I had bought the composite HS set up off eBay with the undestanding it was for a 500. (It is for what I knew about it.)

    I ended up cutting 6mm off the back side where the ring slips onto the barrel and fits against the receiver. That left me with about 1/2 the ring intact. That also allowed me to slide the HS back far enough to get one of the forward clamps to clear the mag support. I had to cut down the very front clamp to sort of wrap around the mag support you help keep th eHS centered.

    It works well and it's not that hard of a mod to do and it stays in place well. If I run across a HS that is a perfect fit I might replace this one if and/or when it fails. Looks like it might last a while though.
    I've run about a 100 rounds through it so far and it's looking good. Stuff seems to be durable.


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  6. stigmata

    stigmata 20g


    looks pretty good, like it was meant to fit it.

    so you like the composite vice the steel?

    i was just toren between the $30 steel mosberg HS or the $20 composit HS from a 3rd party company.

    seems to do the job, but dont really want to have to mod it, just install and shoot..... :mrgreen:
  7. I guess some of things I do carry over from my gearhead projects. To me it comes down to weight vs durability. If a part can lose weight and still do the same job or better than OEM parts, go for it. Plastic composites over wood or metal usually take the lead.

    With a HS, how much differnece in weigth could there be? Probably not much.

    Don't get me started on carbon fiber. Light weight, duarable, cool-factor looks and of course price. LOL! I suppose that's why it's not huge in the gun market.
  8. stigmata

    stigmata 20g

    I never thought about it that way. I'm a gearhead too and for my 70 vett, I don't think I have much OEM left on it at all. :lol:
    But I have also heard you get what you pay for so I'd figure I'd ask and get inputs first. Thanks though for the info.
  9. stigmata

    stigmata 20g

    anybody know the mossberg part number fo the blue heat shield....

    i have also read somewhere that because of the mag tube being as long as the barrel, that connector that holds the tubes together is a bit more forward than a standard one with the shorter mag tube, therefore causeing the heatshield not to sit properly and riding up because that is where it usually rests..... anyone heard this too?
  10. RyanMac

    RyanMac .22LR

    I took the heat shield off my new 590. Its from the 20" barrel. It is matte blue however. Not sure if you're looking for Matte or shiny blue. If you want it its yours for shipping. PM me if you are interested.
  11. stigmata

    stigmata 20g

    Man that's cool. Been wanting one for my 590. Im Not picky on the finish, that works for me.
    I pm'ed u but I don't know if it went out. It says sent and a time, but its sitting in my outbox so don't know, but I hope u get it.
    Or if u don't get it my email is david.e.rivera08@gmail.com if u want to hit me up that way.

    I got no problem picking up the shipping for it.

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    Just an FYI,

    PMs will stay in your outbox until they are opened by the recipient...
  13. stigmata

    stigmata 20g

    And here I thought I did something wrong in sending it.....1st PM. :ugeek:
    Thx for the FYI on the PMs.....

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