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Discussion in 'Mossberg 590 Pump Action' started by walkerbait, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. walkerbait

    walkerbait .22LR

    Hi Guys,

    New to the forum here but just picked up a 590a1 (model 53693) so I think that qualifies me to hang out with you all :D

    So, I'm deep in to the accessory rail items hunt (my wife says picatinny is like Barbie for men) and I am also looking for the best selection for a bayonet. I know Mossberg sends the Ontario M9 with the SPX model as stock, so one would guess that would be a no-brainer...however, I have read bad stories of them occasionally being too long in the handle and having poor fit or falling off while firing. Similiar stories with the OKC3 USMC version of the Ontario bayonet as well as the ZT-9 (Strider/ZT colaboration)are out there. I can't imagine that there is that much of a tolerance issue where it's a hit or miss thing but the information I have seen is certainly conflicting.

    What are your experiences with bayonets and the best one for the application?
  2. BenSamp

    BenSamp .223

    First off, welcome to the fold. I have the 590A1 SPX I cant comment on the bayonet falling off when shot, but the fit is loose and and there is a lot of play. It came dull as can be, the build seems to be on cheap side. I have zero experience with bayonets, it fits my AR but I would never use it on the AR because of the poor fitment. Do your homework on this because they're not cheap
  3. masakari

    masakari .22LR

    The 590 shotguns hold the bayonet on with the bayonet lug and the magazine cap. Unfortunately, when designing it, Mossberg used the older and shorter M7 bayonet, and therefore the more modern M9 and OKC3S USMC bayonet barely fits on. I can definitely see it coming off with use or firing. If youre looking for a bayonet that works, just get an old surplus one. Test fit before you buy, and youll be fine.
    There are also a few non military bayonets that work well, but they tend to be pricey.
  4. Sean Thornton

    Sean Thornton Copper BB

    I use an old M7 bayonet. It fits good and does not fall off when shooting my 590 model 50660.
  5. walkerbait

    walkerbait .22LR

    Very interesting. I had suspected as much that the root cause is designing around the M7 which is now kinda shunned for the more modern variants. To be honest, I think that is the suck considering that Mossberg is putting the 590a1 out there to be a modern military configuration and handicapping the use of the bayonet feature to an older model. :x

    I don't really want to buy an M7. Maybe I'll haul the thing around to a few gunshows and check fit some M9s until I find one on the lower end of the length tolerance stack-up that might fit well. That seems like a suck plan though...I'm a mechanical engineer by trade so this kinda busts my 590a1 bubble a bit.

    Thanks for your input though! Welcome others to throw there experience hats in the ring, especially those who have seen other options (even if expensive) that are good fits.
  6. masakari

    masakari .22LR

    Most quality civilian variants will fit because they are designed off of the M7 length, but theyre usually expensive.
    The M9 bayonet is an awful design that is fragile and poorly constructed. The M7 is solid steel, and much higher quality. It is also more suited as a bayonet because it is thin.
    I vote M7.
  7. Sean Thornton

    Sean Thornton Copper BB


    My M7 on the 50660 Mossberg
  8. walkerbait

    walkerbait .22LR

    Nice one Sean!

    Can you elaborate on the civilian models of which you speak? I'm not worried about laying out some extra cash for a nice build. What brands are out there?

    I did see the Zero Tolerance/Strider model but I think that one is based on the M9 setup.
  9. Rossignol

    Rossignol The Original Sheriff Staff Member Global Moderator Vendor Forum Moderator

    I too prefer the M7. I dont have one yet and have been lookin for a long time.

    I've seen them at gun shows with the sheath for 35 to $45 depending on condition and didnt get one when I had the chance. Havent been back to a show in awhile...

    I see the M7's at flea markets regularly, but they want the high end of the spectrum for just the bayonet without the sheath and no matter the condition.

    Short story, when I get one it will be an M7. Nothin wrong with the surplus stuff! ;)
  10. masakari

    masakari .22LR

    http://knifeworks.com/zerotolerancebayo ... rated.aspx
    There are more, but when youre spending $200+ on a bayonet, i think youre approaching mall ninja status :-D
  11. walkerbait

    walkerbait .22LR

    Mall ninja status :D lol

    Thanks for the links man. I new about the zero tolerance, but the extrema ratio was a new one to me. I would agree that when a bayonet approaches the price of a Glock, maybe one should go another direction :lol:
  12. Rossignol

    Rossignol The Original Sheriff Staff Member Global Moderator Vendor Forum Moderator

    Hmmmm, new Glock... or M7 for half the cost of a tank of fuel? :D

    An M7 which will readily fit the 590/590A1 or AR? ;)
  13. LUGI

    LUGI .223

    Just hit ya up with a p.m!
  14. Rossignol

    Rossignol The Original Sheriff Staff Member Global Moderator Vendor Forum Moderator

    Good lookin out Lugi!
  15. KentuckyWindage

    KentuckyWindage Forum Moderator Forum Moderator

    Iam jealous! I wish my 590a1 could use a bayonet! Maybe one day

    LAZY EYED SNIPER I See You Staff Member Global Moderator Forum Moderator Supporter "Philanthropist"

    ^ There's always duct tape KW!
  17. LUGI

    LUGI .223

    No doubt.....anytime.
  18. KentuckyWindage

    KentuckyWindage Forum Moderator Forum Moderator

  19. JD Night

    JD Night .22LR

    I noticed that with the M9 bayonets, there were differences between the manufacturers who had the contracts, i.e. Phobris, Buck Knives, LanCay, and Ontario.
    Is this also true with the M7 bayonets?
    I researched and it says that they were manufactured all over the world - United States, Canada, West Germany, the Philippines, Singapore, and South Korea.
    Is there one particular manufacturer that I should be on the hunt for at gun shows?
    Thanks for any help,
  20. Rossignol

    Rossignol The Original Sheriff Staff Member Global Moderator Vendor Forum Moderator

    I couldnt tell ya about specific manufacturers, I just look for US made.

    Oooh, Oooh, Oooh!!! I found some info!


    There are 4 pages of bayonets! Heres the info on manufacturers of the M7 or Colt "New Model" M7 #62316.


    Colt New Model M7
    Theres enough info available, not only of US made M4's through M7's but also those made by other countries, to be able to compare and determine country of origin.

    Pretty cool! I had no idea this stuff existed!

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