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Mossberg 590 vs Remington 870

Discussion in 'Mossberg 590 Pump Action' started by DHonovich, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. DHonovich

    DHonovich Founder Staff Member Administrator Sponsor "Philanthropist"

  2. Hick14454

    Hick14454 Copper BB

    Good review. These guns are interchangeable. If you want to shoot them a lot my personal opinion is the go with the 870, especially if you want a more adaptable gun. If you are in private protection, or another truly tactical use, then the extra 3 shots is re-assuring.
  3. K-Tac

    K-Tac .22LR

    Not a bad review a few things I noticed though. That 870 was not a parkerized 870. It was a standard matte finish. Also the reviewer pointed out that the Mossbergs come drilled and tapped from the factory and while this is true, Remington has also recently started drilling and tapping their receivers from the factory as well. Remington has already started this pactice with their "Tactical" line of shotguns and from what I understand will start doing this to all of their Police and HD guns as well starting next year.

    Hick14454, capacity should never be an issue with a shotgun since you should never be running it dry. Maintaining continuity of fire is important. With the proper tactics, training and equipment your shotgun will never really go "empty". So those extra one or two rounds you get with the 590, depending on what model 870 you are using, is not going to make that much of a difference.
  4. Lefty9

    Lefty9 .270 WIN

    Give me the Mossy !
  5. Itsricmo

    Itsricmo .30-06

    Standard Stock.. I would preferably take a 590/500 any day of the week due to the tang safety. But if you're rocking a MESA Tactical or knockoff adapter, I would take an 870 instead due to the cross bolt safety
  6. MikeD

    MikeD I'm Your Huckleberry Staff Member Global Moderator "Philanthropist"

    My brain is still programmed for the 870, but I'm getting better with the Mossberg safety. LOL

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