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Discussion in 'Mossberg 702 Plinkster Rimfire' started by DHonovich, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. DHonovich

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    Let the discussion begin...Mossberg Owners :twisted:
  2. 911JB

    911JB .410

    There are accessories for the 702?
  3. gibson_es

    gibson_es .410

    Wow. Very active thread. Lol... Well.... Theres the new 25 round mags. Lol... And... Thats about it... That i know of. Wish there was a hogue stock for it. Just for the comfy grip. But its a .22 so it dont need it.. just would be cool. the current stock... The stock stock you could say, makes for a great little storage unit. Haha!
  4. DHonovich

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    We may be able to get ATI to make some aftermarket stocks for it if we ask enough :)
  5. gibson_es

    gibson_es .410

    One with a nice soft grip would be great.

    The issue is price. I dont wanna spend $60+ on a $107 gun. Lol.
  6. DHonovich

    DHonovich Founder Staff Member Administrator Vendor "Philanthropist"

    That is one of the reasons its hard to find accessories for the Mossbergt 702 Plinkster.



    Ok. I'm new here and I had to post a picture of my 702. I looked for entirely too long trying to find a picture of a plinkster with a 25 round mag installed. So if somebody wants to see it I posted it.

    ATI Marlin stock (MAR3000), ATI universal cheek rest, $7 Winchester sling I figured why not it's only 7 bucks. Cheap but decent stud mount bipod had to use a spring pin instead of the screw that came with it. Base was loose and rattling trimmed the pin to length and it's solid as can be. Leupold see-through rings with bushnell 4 power.

    The stock is by far the most time consuming and annoying thing to modify. It still doesn't fit the greatest but it's tight. A good dremel kit does the job. Feel free to call it a hack job because it is!

    Anyways to sum up : gun 117, scope 30, rings 8, stock 38, cheek rest 10, sling 7, bipod 28, 25 round mag 30, 2 extra 10 round mags 30. About 30 dollars shipping total.

    Grand Total : $328 roughly. Sounds like a lot for a plinkster but it was well worth it! You can hit 20 ounce bottle caps between 30-40 yards all day long with it. My favorite ammo - CCI standard velocity RLN 1070 FPS. I still haven't shot it with the 25 round mag. I can hardly wait.
  8. pickled420

    pickled420 Copper BB

    as far as accessories are concerned there is none other than the 25 round mag. if you can find one! other than that its a basic rifle and found with nice scope, drill and install sling mounts for slings and bi-pods. youre pretty much at max. it would be nice to have different stocks, some are using marlin model 795 stuff and altering it. with as many as there are out there you figure someone would want in on capitalizing on it
  9. mb702

    mb702 Copper BB

    Does anyone know of a recoil pad that fits the 702? I have the standard version, not tactical.

    (I know, it's just 22, but my shoulder is sensitive sometimes so i want to have one.)

    Also, is anyone using a laser that was easy to mount?

    I purchased a 4x scope intended for air rifles and will report how it works out.

    Although this is not a gun with a bunch of accessories available specifically for it, I do believe that it can be outfitted well with general purpose items if we know the right ones. Love the tricked out gun from plinkerman1!!
  10. galiher05

    galiher05 Copper BB

    i know where you can get 25rd mags for this company called joespawnshop is selling them for 32 a 6 bucks shipping. he sells them singles and in 3 packs i believe. i just bought the 3 pack and i can't believe it when i shoot the gun. i know have 3-25 rd mags and 3-10rd mags. i go through a lot of ammo still but i load them all up and can shoot for a few min before i need to reload all of them

    LAZY EYED SNIPER I See You Staff Member Global Moderator Forum Moderator Supporter "Philanthropist"

    You may want to look into the slip-on Limbsaver recoil pads. They make them in a range of sizes and the SMALL slip-on pad might work well on your 702...
  12. kludgemechanic

    kludgemechanic Copper BB

    My grandfather just purchased a 702. He has a hard time with the front iron sight and would like to replace it with a TruGlo front site. He doesn't want a scope, just a front sight that glows green or red. I seen on TruGlow's site that they have a lot of different sizes and applications. Does anyone have one on their 702 and if so what is the TruGlow part number. Thanks
  13. mingaa

    mingaa Raconteur Forum Moderator

    I have not replaced the front sight but just after getting the gun I wanted the sight to be a bit more visible (sounds like your issue) - I did my usual dab of super white enamel but the change was not terribly affective. The Ghost Ring type surround keeps the front sight in a shadow most of the time. I did go to add-on optics ( a red dot then a scope) so I decided to leave the front sight alone for now. My next step would probably be to cut the top portion of the 'ring' off with a Dremel to allow more light to contact the sight. (I'd leave the sides in place to protect the sight ). If that didnt work I might move on to other options. It looks like a pretty simple modification. I see a single Phillips head screw on an initial look. Please post up what you find!

    On an up note- mags are affordable and readily available. This is the first gun that beats my Glock pistols for mag prices. They are $12 on the net and $15 at my LGS.
  14. RRaines

    RRaines Copper BB

    Does anyone know if any other Mossberg mags will fit a 702?
  15. cseay61

    cseay61 Copper BB

    I would love to put a different stock on mine.
    I have added a BSA red dot, the 25rd mag, and removed the from sight and raiser sight.

    Since this ban has started the several mags I had for sell will not sell, many sites have flagged them and deleted my posts. If would have known of this site prior to yesterday a few more 702 owners would have had mags :/

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  16. makenzie71

    makenzie71 .22LR

    The 715T mags will work but look funny.

    If you want to put some effort into it you can make Marlin 795 mags work. Also, if you're willing to cut up a stock 10 round magazine and sleeve it in, a Remmington 597 30rd magazine works.
  17. mingaa

    mingaa Raconteur Forum Moderator

    IMHO - get a fistful of 10 round mags for $15 ea. and practice swapping them. The mechanism is simple and smooth. Why deny the nature of the gun when a little practice will have you in the same place for less money AND you will be able to use a front rest rather than stand the gun on the monster mag?!

    I'll be posting my sling mount pics soon AND look for a 'survival kit' that you can carry in and on the gun coming soon as well! :idea:
  18. jlwhite

    jlwhite .22LR

    I like the way the marlin stock looks on the gun! They are selling them for about 50 bucks on amazon but I want to know how hard it is to put in. Also there are TONS of mags on ebay but everyone is jacking up the prices. 3 different sales of the 25rd mag have skyrocketed.
  19. makenzie71

    makenzie71 .22LR

    One of our local Academy stores still has the 702 magazines. If they still got one when I get back I'll buy it and sell it to you for cost plus shipping.

    I don't know about how much work it takes to fit the gun in, but I know it isn't much. Lots of people do it and the gun shares a lot of dimensions with the Marlin. Just dive in.
  20. 911JB

    911JB .410

    Try Havlins for the mags. They are GEAT people to deal with when it comes to mossbergs. Look at the 22 rifle link and scroll about 3/4 the way down for the 702 mags.


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