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Mossberg 930 Autoloader Troubleshooting

Discussion in 'Mossberg 930 Autoloader' started by DHonovich, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. cclaxton

    cclaxton Copper BB

    If your Mossberg 930 bolt won't lock back after you cleaned the gun, and if you removed the pin to the hammer in the trigger assembly, you most likely put the hammer pin in from the wrong side. All of the pins in the trigger assembly go in from the right side EXCEPT for the hammer pin. You will notice a small cutout in one side that allows the elevator go all the way down. Otherwise the symptom is that the bolt will not lock back and the bolt release doesn't seem to function properly either.

    Also, if you can't get the bolt to pull back, check that the transfer bar for the recoil spring is going into the well for the recoil spring. It wobbles around a lot and it's easy to miss the well. You may have to get a flashlight on it and direct the point into the well.

  2. SHTFAR15

    SHTFAR15 .410

    I too had the issue with the Choate +2 extension on my 930. I posted a video on YouTube and got some comments on cutting down the aftermarket spring to just using the factory follower and spring.

    Here's the video I posted yesterday on YouTube with my 2nd attempt at using this extension.

  3. coll103

    coll103 Copper BB

    Just registered, but not new to the site. Despite my best judgment, and my experience with my older 835 and 935, I went ahead and purchased a new 930 spx for home defense purposes. Price has always been my driving factor in purchasing Mosseberg products. I read the countless reviews both here and other sites before making my decision to purchase. I convinced myself that any 930 problems have likely been addressed my Mossberg by now. I purchased the gun a month ago and took it to the range two weeks ago with my fingers crossed. I loaded only four Remington 00 buck shells, held my breath. and successfully fired all four shells without issue. Wow was I happy. Well, two boxes of shells later, after the first four, not ONE shot cycled successfully. All were failure to eject. I could have hit myself over the head with the gun for making this purchase. I could just hear all the 930 owners who posted problems with the gun saying, "we told you so!" I knew then what was ahead of me, given the reports from other completely disappointed new owners of this gun. First was going to be the call to Mossberg, then the whole hassle in returning the gun, then hoping the problem is fixed, and then most importantly of all, hoping the gun would work in a self defense scenario. I performed the recommended disassembly and cleaning prior to shooting the gun, which obviously didn't matter. I know many owners have upgraded the magazine spring and follower. Do I really have to purchase an upgrade of $100 or more for a brand new OTB product to function properly, given I already expended around $700 for the gun, or shoot $500 worth of ammo so it sort of works most of the time? I think I know the answer, but can anyone offer a prediction of what to expect from here. The gun along with my 935 was sent back two weeks ago because it does the same exact thing. If you have a lack of confidence in the weapon, I know the answer is to take it out of service. I'm just stinging that I may be out $700+. I realize there are satisfied 930 owners, but is 1,2,5, 10 or 15 % product failure rate acceptable for an American manufacturer? Boy, I hate to think so. I greatly appreciate any feedback.

    LAZY EYED SNIPER Overwatch Staff Member Global Moderator Supporter "Philanthropist"

    Welcome aboard coll103.

    Sorry to see you're having problems. Many of the issues with the 930 SPX platform have been corrected, but some still remain. I can't tell you how disappointed we are that posts like yours continue to appear on our forum. As for your case what Remington 00 buck were you using, specifically the fps rating? Barring any mechanical failures the majority of FTE issues we see are the result of underpowered ammo. We usually start there and work backward until we get it figured out...
  5. coll103

    coll103 Copper BB

    Thanks for the quick reply LES! I read about the low fps issues, so I purchased 1300+ f/s ammo to optimize conditions for my first rounds with the gun. I had similar problems with my 935 just after about 20 rounds, which I use for turkey. I don't shoot clays and only use my 835 and 935 for hunting, so I don't cycle through 100's of rounds. As I mentioned, the 935 has a similar problem and I sent it back with the 930. I'm just dreading having to go back and forth with Mossberg to get the gun fixed. Do you know if they will give me a replacement gun after several returns or will I have to sell it at a loss. I really can't sell the gun in good conscience to someone unless I disclose the problems, not that I'm pessimistic or anything, HA! Thanks LES.

    LAZY EYED SNIPER Overwatch Staff Member Global Moderator Supporter "Philanthropist"

    We have seen firearms make multiple trips back to Mossberg with less than acceptable results.

    However, we'll do everything in our power to make sure they get you up and running 100%. We have a contact at Mossberg that might be able to help make sure your inspection and service goes smoothly the first time. Contact Joe and ask that he get involved to make sure your 930 and 935 are in perfect working order when returned. You have invested a lot of money into their products and should settle for nothing less than 100% satisfaction.

    Joe Zakher

    Please keep us posted...
  7. SHTFAR15

    SHTFAR15 .410

    Re: Mossberg 930 wont pick up shell ?? Also jamms.

    Mine acted up when I shot target loads through it when first purchased, now after 50 or so rounds (slugs, 00 buck, bird, and target combo) I don't have any more problems.
  8. coll103

    coll103 Copper BB

    Thanks for you help LES. I'll keep you posted, haven't heard anything from Mossberg in about 2 1/2 weeks.
  9. Dougboffl

    Dougboffl Guest

    Everything a novice needs to know about the Mossberg 930...
    Okay so never posted before, anywhere on anything. I'm long winded and know it so please be gentle
    (LOL). I also have Moss 500 & Rem 870 shotguns as well as handguns and long guns.
    I'm a new 930 Home Security owner. Not the Brecher, Roadblocker or SPX, just a regular 18" barrel bead
    sighted Home Security, purchased in September 2013. Paid $470 plus tax (law enforcement price?).
    Everything priced below was purchased about this timeframe. I did alot of forum reading and YouTubeing
    prior to purchase. I kept seeing folks with failure to eject (FTE) and failure to feed (FTF) and
    blaming "break in period","factory dirt" or "low power loads". Not saying these were not the case but I
    have had no issues and perhaps my ounce of prevention was worth a pound of cure, might work for others
    as well. After all my research, decided to do some mods and clean the 930 prior to first use. For
    reference I'm using Mossberg's Owner's Manual's names and item numbers for the parts referenced (actual
    factory part numbers are a different thing).

    So, I installed the Nordic Comp charging handle ($30) just because - it does not really fix anything
    but feels better to me. I added Nordic Comp's "+2M" magazine tube extension kit ($80) because I wanted
    the higher capacity two or three rounds (depends on the actual 2 3/4" shell height) without ghost-ring
    sights - so not the SPX model for me. I also ordered from Mossberg Service a new plastic/fiberglass
    forearm (#6) with the sling stud installed as is used in the SPX version ($30) and an extra plastic
    "forearm retainer" (#22) (about $3.50) as a "just in case" part to put on the storage shelf for now. I
    like to keep original factory stuff unmodified in case I ever decide to sell a gun (does not happen) or
    return guns to their stock configuration (also never happens in my real world) so I spent $30 on a
    forearm to be modified and will shelf the original - call me crazy on a <$500 gun.

    Anyway, I had read of issues with shells binding in the mag tube (loading & unloading) at the junction
    of the mag tube and a mag tube extension. Also binding during loading of the first and second shells in
    an empty gun by the magazine follower perhaps. Extension brands did not seem to matter. I read the
    aftermarket flat sling mount plates (Wilson Combat, GG&G, etc) might be creating additional space at
    that junction. Those flat plate type mounts drop over the end of the mag tube onto the forearm and are
    held by the force of the mag extension nut being tightened down on top. Even when the mag extension is
    tightened down I believe it would create a larger gap, at least as wide as the flat sling plate is thick
    maybe more if it has a detent ball. So the Mossberg forearm with sling stud clears that potential issue
    off my list of phobias. No flat sling mount needed, no additional gap.
    I re-used the Mossberg original magazine spring (#31) which extends only about six inches past Nordic's
    +2M extension. I still have Nordics' spring in storage if needed but seems to be working as is with
    hand loading/dry cycling and the first 20 or so live fire rounds. I also used #600 grit sandpaper and
    took down all the edges on the factory metal magazine follower (#32). Not alot removed since it is thin
    but enough to smooth the transitions and perhaps keep it from catching on the mag tube to extension
    tube crevasse.
    I did a good cleaning of the 930 to specifically include the buffer tube and spring at the rear of the
    receiver. I mention this because the thought occurred to me that if Mossberg was leaving gunk in new
    guns and folks are having issues with lower power loads (<1300fps), perhaps a polluted buffer is slowing
    the cycling. I did not see this in any forums but just my thinking on it - perhaps I just missed it
    elsewhere. After removing the buttstock (that process is outlined in alot of other places) I used a flat
    screwdriver to push forward the buffer spring's "return spring retainer" (#13), pushing from the butt
    end in the direction of the muzzle. Then pulled the "return spring retainer pin" (#10) and carefully
    removed the screwdriver and "return spring & plunger" (#11 & #12). Well there was a bunch of crud in my
    buffer spring tube and on the spring. Perhaps not enough to create an issue but now it is cleaned,
    grime gone - another phobia resolved!

    I also should mention that in my disassembly and cleaning I use FrogLube paste. Botach Tactical
    (internet) had 4oz for <$10, shipping was no charge. I used perhaps 5% of the 4oz on the 930 - the
    stuff is amazing and I use it on my other guns & other stuff. I apply the paste and wipe it off with a
    clean rag, this to remove any petroleum based materials, then apply more paste with a toothbrush and
    let the parts sit in the Florida sunshine for 30+minutes. This warms the parts and the paste melts
    into/onto without parts getting too hot. Then reassembly of the gun and a final wipe down with a clean
    cloth. Used it on everything except the stock and forearm. I coat the springs and patch it in the mag
    tube, mag tube extension, buffer spring tube and barrel (barrel includes all over the gas piston area).
    A remarkable difference when re-assembled. Hand cycling action is like butter. I'm sure there are other CLPs out there that will work as well.

    Like I said, no issues even with cheap light loads. Maybe I got lucky with a blessed 930 or maybe the
    cleaning and forethought paid off.
  10. awiner

    awiner .270 WIN

    Doug, one of the reasons your not having issues is because you retained the factory spring for a home security model. That spring I sapped 21" and functions way better in a +2 extension than the one Mossberg ships with the SPX (39").
  11. Old Painless

    Old Painless .22LR

    SHTFAR15, Man I feel your confusion. See my post under spring length survey. Kind of long winded. The #^%& shell stop spring clip was missing from the pin that holds the stop in place. Thanks RRT27. :!: It was backing out just enough to cause the shell stop retainer pin to slip out of place. The results were sometimes it would feed. I'd put the gun up, take it out to shoot and nothing. From reading other post on here I saw how to take the little sob out and check it. Sure enough no clip on the pin. I went through at least three different kinds of springs and cut them all up. When it would feed the last shell it would slide out like a constipated turd. Now with my homemade pin clip all is good. I have called Mossberg and they are sending me the clip. Could be something you might want to check. With the longer spring I was able to use it cycles smoother and faster. Good luck and nice vid. Oh, while I had the shell stop out I smoothed it up a little too. See Brownells's vid.
  12. RRT27

    RRT27 Copper BB

    I'm glad you got that sorted out. The shop where I bought mine has had a lot of feeding problems coming back to them. I took a look at some of the shotguns they were sending in for repair and they were all missing the clips.
  13. Old Painless

    Old Painless .22LR

    You should have seen me digging for that clip!! Hard to think that such a small pin can cause that much trouble. Thanks again. SHTFAR15 did you get a chance to check for yours yet.? The vid here in maintenance was easier to understand than the Brownells vid on how to remove the pin and clip. If you have a clip. If I was still at Cabella's I would have checked every one.
  14. Indy_Tim

    Indy_Tim Copper BB

    Hi Guys,

    I have a 930 SPX that's been great for me and now my nephew bought a 930 SPX for himself. While my has worked well, his did not get through a single magazine before the ejector sheared off of the barrel extension. This happened while he was on leave and home at Christmas and he's now back serving again so my brother and I are trying to get the gun back in shape for him. My brother called Mossberg and they promptly sent out a new pair of ejectors to him. The question comes in as to how these should be installed. It looks like they are a crimp fit or swaged into place.

    How do you replace the ejector on the barrel extension of a 930 SPX? Should they be press fit and held with a swage? The new ejector fits into the hole in the barrel but rather loosely. I did read of one person saying that they tack welded the ejector in but that seems a bit extreme. I'm assuming that if Mossberg just sent a pair of them off, they can be installed by the end user but I'm not seeing how right now. If they are a gunsmith fit part, then why would they send the parts to us instead of sending a shipping label for return?

    What are your thoughts on how to do this? Mine is working well and I think he would be also once we get the ejector replaced.

  15. tactical723

    tactical723 Copper BB

    Quick run down on my shotgun. First, I am a certified armorer on the Glock, AR15?M16 and Beretta platforms so I have a lot of experience with minor gunsmithing. I also run a small duracoat business so I am taking guns apart quite frequently.

    I picked up my SPX in the first week of Dec 13. I immediately took my shotgun apart. First thing I noticed is the picatinny rail, safety lever, and rear sight were all loose ready to fall off. I took the entire gas system apart and gunscrubbed the entire shotgun. I can see why most people have problems when new due to the heavy amounts of assembly lube in the gas system. As new , I could not load more than 3 shells ( I cut the spring to 26", beveled the tube ends with sandpaper, also installed an Daves Metal Works magazine plug from Midway, I also polished the shell stop from the inside the receiver since the mag tube at receiver was also loose. Put it all back together and it now loads flawlessly

    Now off to the woods. Shot about 100 rds first outing. It would not shoot anything less than 1250 Fps, all buckshot and slugs worked, even reduced loads. Took the shotgun apart recleaned and cleaned the entire gun. I did notice the weird wear marks, several exact as other members described. I had the bar aluminum mark on the other side of the bolt on the receiver. Appears to not hamper any operation and is smooth to touch. Also noticed the gouging of the mag tube where the gas spring was wearing, dremeled the high sides and burrs on the spring and now it does not touch.

    Took the shotgun out after lubing the bolt assembly and receiver with CLP. It now functions bird shot shells down to 1225. I figure another few shooting sessions and it will also fire the 1200, but maybe it wont. I am ok with bird shot having to be 1225- 1250.

    The shotgun is not my Benelli, but with a little work and patience, I have a sub $800 that is functioning very well and it is a blast to shoot. I have a bad shoulder and the recoil is very manageable. Has anybody mounted a limbsaver or other receoil bad. I have the Mark 5 pistol grip.
  16. Darkspector

    Darkspector Copper BB

    New user! YAY! and new 930 JM 24" owner!

    So I went through a LOT of the threads here and have polished the chamber so it is super smooth to the touch. I have also polished the mag tube and inside of the piston so it rides nice now. I have also polished the end of the shell stop and cut a few coils off the end of the mag tube spring.

    I am still seeing 2 issues which have me concerned, that are also common issues here.

    1 - When I manually cycle the bolt slowly, it will drop shells onto the elevator, or another round if it's there, which causes a double feed. However if I put some oomph into it, it kicks the shell out, I can only assume the inertia keeps it moving back enough to hit the ejector. I HAVE removed a little bit of material from the extractor trying to let it angle in a bit more... should I remove more? It is my opinion that I should be able to manually cycle the action at any speed and have reliable extraction, same as any other firearm.

    2 - No matter how full the mag tube is, if I try and release 1 with the bolt release button, it releases 2 and I get a jam on the elevator. I have already cut about 6" off the spring, not sure I'm comfortable chopping more off.

    ALL that being said I have not actually fired this yet as I have not had the time to get to the range. Though these issues I believe shouldn't matter if it's been fired or not.

    Thanks in advanced!
  17. old mossy

    old mossy Global Moderator Staff Member Global Moderator Moderator

    Welcome to the forum from NY and congrats on your new Mossy.

    Sorry to hear you are having a problem. I don't own a 930 but I'm sure one of the 930 guys will chime in soon.

    LAZY EYED SNIPER Overwatch Staff Member Global Moderator Supporter "Philanthropist"

    Take it out and shoot the hell out of it.

    Both my 930s will choke on shells when manually cycling the action, but operate reliably during live fire. The platform was designed to operate under high energy gas expansion, not manually. If you start having issues during live fire, then you have a problem. Modifying your weapon before test firing can cause more issues than it will solve...
  19. Darkspector

    Darkspector Copper BB

    i'll definately take it out. bought 400 rounds to get her going

    LAZY EYED SNIPER Overwatch Staff Member Global Moderator Supporter "Philanthropist"

    That oughtta do it!

    Just put 250 rounds through my JM Pro this past weekend with zero issues. Keep us posted after you have a chance to heat that barrel up a bit...

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