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New MC2C pistol with DeSantis SlimTuk

Discussion in 'Mossberg MC1sc 9mm' started by AR-Goat, May 6, 2020.

  1. AR-Goat

    AR-Goat Copper BB

    I got the pistol last week, had it at the range Saturday, and finally got the new holster today. Being in AZ, I don't have to CC, and I'd rather mostly carry outside the waistband vs inside. So I took the clip off and installed the belt loop.

    IMG_20200506_155533.jpg IMG_20200506_155536.jpg IMG_20200506_155554.jpg IMG_20200506_155600.jpg IMG_20200506_160517.jpg
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  2. EricO

    EricO Copper BB

    How do you like your holster? I’ll have mine on Tuesday.

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