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Not much of a range report

Discussion in 'Range Reports' started by CaddmannQ, Oct 16, 2018.

  1. CaddmannQ

    CaddmannQ 12g Supporter

    But a lot of fun was had today. Today the weather was perfect and I had got most of my work-at-home tied up to the point where I felt comfortable to take a day off.

    I needed it too guys. I went out with two buddies to the range, and today I shot all four of my lever guns.This was more an exercise in preserving mental health than an exercise in shooting accuracy.

    I also shot my buddies Marlin 44 mag lever gun.

    I put 32 rounds through the .45-70, went through two boxes of 12 gauge shells, 100+ rounds of .22, a dozen rounds of 30-30, 50 rounds of .38 Special, and two dozen rounds of .357 Magnum.

    No pistols were shot at all today and I didn't collect any Targets as I was mainly function testing & adjusting scopes. It was rather windy today but I was still able to get on paper at 225 yards with the 45-70 and the .30-30.

    The .30-30 has a beautiful Leupold scope but the .45-70 has black Iron Sights. Even to hit the paper at 200-plus yards was quite an accomplishment for me.

    I wasted a bunch of ammunition banging this gong.


    The .45-70 drops 16in at that range, but the 325 grain slugs did not blow around in the wind very much.

    I also spent a bunch of time helping people diagnose their gun problems and I ended up working on a 44 mag, an AR-15, and Smith & Wesson Model 41.

    Thank God for the internet because I never would have got that 41 apart without it.

    It's a tricky little gun but a sweet shooter, and to disassemble that you pull down on the trigger guard which unlatches the slide.

    Somebody else had a brand new AR-15 that had a bad bolt. It ran like a champ once we swapped out the bolt.

    My buddy was trying to run some aluminum case 44 mag through his lever gun and that didn't work at all.

    We spent quite a bit of time getting that gun unjammed.

    I had a good time on the shotgun alley and I shot the Mossberg 500, which ran flawlessly through two dozen rounds.

    I also got to shoot my buddy's Stevens model 511 and his old 1950s Winchester Goose gun. I don't remember the model number but it had a really nice corn cob.

    The .45-70 my buddy sold me is out of stock now and he's trying to buy mine back.
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  2. meanstreak

    meanstreak .30-06 Supporter "Philanthropist"

    Cadd, sounds like you had a great day at the range. I am envious. You have an excellent variety of lever guns to choose from, so you chose them all, right on.

    My shoulder would be sore for a week if I shot that much in one day, as would my bank account, LOL.

    Anyways, I'm glad you had a good day at the range and got some therapy.
  3. CaddmannQ

    CaddmannQ 12g Supporter

    Thanks Meanie.

    My shoulder was a bit sore, and then at the end Bob hands me a little .30-06 sportster and says, "Shoot this."

    It had the most kick of the bunch, including the .444 rifle and I wasn't quite prepared.
    That .30-06 round deserves a much heavier gun.
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  4. John A.

    John A. Unconstitutional laws are not laws. Staff Member Administrator Global Moderator

    Be careful shooting the big stuff with your eyes caddman. I hear a displaced retina will drive you nuts seeing 3 of everything like through a funhouse mirror.
  5. CaddmannQ

    CaddmannQ 12g Supporter

    You have a good point there John.

    I'm not going to shoot the barrels out of these guns buddy. My MO seems to be: buy a gun, figure out how to shoot it, put it in the safe, and go buy another one.

    When I die my wife will sell them all off for a nice profit.

    But you are right about the eyes John, and so I've decided that a .50 caliber is just too much to shoot unless somebody's shooting at me, and someone else is supplying the ammunition. The new Marlin is about my limit of comfort.
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  6. hombre243

    hombre243 .30-06 Elite Member

    I need a day too. Your fun day has inspired me to go make noise, cover the area with smoke and massacre numerous paper varmints.
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