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Password Problem

Discussion in 'Mossberg Owners Site Support' started by Tomac, Nov 3, 2017.

  1. Tomac

    Tomac .410

    Recently, my original password has become non-functional.
    I've used the forgotten password function, which works to log me in w/the site-generated random password.
    However, every time I attempt to reset my password, I get the new password accepted message but the new password is again non-functional and I have to go through the forgotten password function again to log on.
    Any ideas as to what's going on here and how I can correct it?

  2. ripjack13

    ripjack13 Resident Sawdust Maker Staff Member Administrator Supporter "Philanthropist"

    Sorry about that. I'll look into it.
    I'll make a generic password and pm it to you. You should be able to see it in your email notification , then log in with it and change it after.

    Gimme about an hour. I just got in with the grandkid and need to get him ready for bed.

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