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Patriot Banshee 25-06

Discussion in 'Mossberg Patriot Bolt Action' started by 257 Shooter, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. 257 Shooter

    257 Shooter .22LR

    Recently purchased a 25-06 Banshee. Very nice rifle for the price. Cerakote finished rifle for around $375 shipped. I have a lot of much more expensive rifles including custom guns. This thing is a bargain.

    So far, this rifle likes 117 grain Sierra GameKing with Reloder 22 powder. 200 yard three shot groups are under moa. Just wanted to put this out for anyone contemplating purchase.
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  2. WVstraw

    WVstraw Copper BB

    Very nice looking rifle in a great caliber. Nice groups and that Sierra should do awesome work on critters too. Like the Gameking line.
  3. lonestarjeff

    lonestarjeff .410 Supporter

    I chose the 30-06 walnut last summer & have really had fun with it. Can't beat the bang-for-the-buck. Scope or iron sights both like this rifle.
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