Range Report--Trophy Hunter Combo .308win

Discussion in 'Mossberg 100 ATR Bolt Action' started by Stix, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. Stix

    Stix .22LR

    I got a chance to do some lengthy shooting today of the rifle/scope combo bought from Dicks for $320+tax. Wood stock in .308 with a no-name scope on top. After calling Mossberg customer service they informed me that it is a Barska scope.

    All shots at 100 yards. Sorry no pics.

    First up Remington 150 grain core-lokts: had two failure to fires out of a new box of 20. I was concerned about maybe firing pin problems, but the primers had good penetration. Anyways out of the remaining 18 shots I was all over the place. could not get consistent groups. Was worried that scope was defective. I dry brushed bore after each 3 shot group. Very disappointed with results so far... until I tried next ammo. :eek:

    Next up Winchester 180 grain power-points: All cartridges fired normally. First 3 shot group about 6 inches low, but only 2" spread. Dry brushed bore and adjusted scope 7 inches higher. Next 3 shots 6" higher than bullseye and 1" spread. Obviously scope adjustments are off(1 click= 1/4"). Lowered scope adjustment 3 inches and now hit 1" high of bullseye with a 1" group. Very impressed with this rifle/ammo combination accuracy, even with a cheap scope. :)

    Dry brushed bore again. Put scope caps on, and fired 3 more shots. Rifle still maintained 1" high of bullseye with a 1.5" group. Dry brushed bore and put gun away. Very happy with a sighted in rifle 1" high at 100yards. :D

    Summary: Rifle is very accurate out of box. Scope leaves a little to be desired with regards to adjustment accuracy, but it will hold a zero. Just imagine my results if I had a quality scope on top. Remington ammo is unreliable (2 FTF's out of one box) :evil: . Winchester 180 grain PP's shoot very well. All in all I would say that this rifle/scope/ammo combo give very good hunting accuracy. :p

    LAZY EYED SNIPER Overwatch Staff Member Administrator Supporter "Philanthropist"

    Very nice Stix!

    Glad to hear you got her dialed in. Thanks for taking the time to post...
  3. DHonovich

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    Congratulations on your Trophy Hunter Combo in .308win! Its great to hear you got it dialed in even though the scope doesn't do the gun justice. Keep us updated!
  4. nitesite

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    Good thing you bought two brands of ammo! Congrats on owning a capable hunting rifle in .308-Winchester! I can't believe Dick's can sell 'em for that price.
  5. BShipp1986

    BShipp1986 Copper BB

    just picked mine up in .308win $299+tax at academy, still in the box have not even put the bolt in yet, looking forward to getting it dialed in

    LAZY EYED SNIPER Overwatch Staff Member Administrator Supporter "Philanthropist"

    Congrats and welcome aboard!

    Post up some pics when you get 'em...
  7. Stix

    Stix .22LR

    Update: Mounted a new scope--Nikon Prostaff 2-7x32 to replace the cheap one supplied with rifle. Also tried some new ammo. I used the Federal Fusion 150 grain. I wanted the higher velocity that the 150 grain has with a tougher bullet construction that will hold together on an elk. Picture shows 1st 3 shot group at 1 o'clock. After scope adjustment and one flyer (9 o'clock--I flinched) You can see it really groups well. This was at 100 yards, inner circle (bulleye) of target is 1" diameter.

    If picture does not show, right click on target1.jpg and select load or view

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  8. ImAShrimp

    ImAShrimp .223

    VERY nice. I was getting similar results with mine. Its an impressively accurate rifle for the money for sure.
  9. Mr.Big909

    Mr.Big909 Copper BB

    any one know what is the model name or number for the mossberg trophy hunter 308? i have one and try to find a L98 style stock for it. I love this gun, for under $350 it is the best gun for the amount of money you can find out there. I have change a scope on it from Amzon.com (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005ICG6IK/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) check it out. it is cheap and great scope too. easy out to 400~500/years. 20141212_121105.jpg

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