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Discussion in 'Mossberg 930 Autoloader' started by NCLawman, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. NCLawman

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    Hi I'm new here, but have been watching for a while now. Stumbled on this sight from a link on Shotgunworld and figured that ya'll would know something about what I'm about to ask. I just had to have a 930 SPX after reading M24Shooters review about a year or so back and planned from the start to build it as a home defence gun.

    I have never heard of anyone making a short barrel version of this weapon. What I have in mind (after all paper work is done) is to have the barrel cut just forward of the magazine cap, then have the front sight put back in place. Anyone have any thoughts?
  2. John A.

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    The first thing I would do is try to find some specs online to see where anyone else has cut the barrel.

    It's very easy to say cut it at the cap, but will that allow for enough back pressure to cycle/chamber reliably without short stroking or being too ammo dependant of using exclusively hotter loads?

    I'm not saying to scratch the idea by any means, and it may work just fine being cut there, but that would still be one of my concerns until I knew for sure if anyone else has been successful SBS'ing one and how/where if I were the one doing it.

    And I would also try to find out if the gas port needed enlarged, and if so, by how much.

    I guess my whole point I'm trying to bring up is the reduced dwell time and how shortening the barrel is going to be affected by it.

    I know my reply probably hasn't answered your question because I simply don't know the answer, but I did write a few things that it may be important to find out.
  3. NCLawman

    NCLawman .410

    Thanks. Was conseried myself if there would be enough pressure to cycle the action. But have not thought about opening up the gas ports a little more. I've thought about slowly cutting down the buffer spring in order to help it cycle if it was needed.

    This is still in the planning stage, because I dont want to spend the $200.00 for the on the tax stamp if it's not possable. Also I big on dreams, and short on funds!
  4. John A.

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  5. NCLawman

    NCLawman .410

    Just took a quick look at that link for Paladin. Will have to check them out more later as my battery light is saying that I need to shut the computer down soon. If I get this project off the ground I'll be sure to document it for everyones general amusement.

    When I can get a good photo of it, I'll have to show you guys a pic of a buffer that a friend made for me and was a great replacement over the factory buffer.
  6. DHonovich

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    Keep us updated on your SBS Mossberg 930 project. I look forward to hearing and seeing your results.

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