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Discussion in 'Mossberg 464 Lever Action' started by RockyBleier, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. RockyBleier

    RockyBleier Copper BB

    I just purchased a 464 30-30 with a serial number LA027415. Does anyone know the serial number(s) of the earlier models that had problems? Is there a site I can go to where I can determine the year of manufacture? Thanks.
  2. raven01750

    raven01750 .223

    Sorry Rocky, I guess no one knows the answer to your question. I didn't even find much info on problems with the 464. As far as a site, you should be able to look at the box if you bought it new, contact the previous owner if you can or contact Mossberg directly and see if they can help you out there. Good luck and Welcome to the forum.

  3. RockyBleier

    RockyBleier Copper BB

    Thanks for the response. I bought it used at my local pawn shop. It looks like new. In fact it still had the stickers on the stock. Guess I'll try contacting Mossberg.
  4. SHOOTER13

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    Welcome to the Mossberg Owners Forum !!
  5. lateck

    lateck .223

    Sorry I can't help on the serial number question as I have a newer one......
    With no problems.......
    Congratulations on getting a 464! It's a blast to have and shoot.

  6. RockyBleier

    RockyBleier Copper BB

    Called Mossberg and a very helpful woman told me that my gun was manufactured mid-2011. I got it with a Redfield 2x - 7x scope for $400 at my local pawn shop. Good deal. Was told by my friend, the owner of the pawn shop, that a guy had to sell it to get his car out of the shop. Feel kind of bad because the gun looked brand new.

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