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sling attachments

Discussion in 'Mossberg 500 Pump Action' started by wicat3, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. wicat3

    wicat3 .22LR

    Hey everyone. I am building a home defense shotgun with my 500. I run a single point SOE sling so i'm looking for sling attachments for the receiver or buttstock. I'm going to be running a houge stock with a 12" lop. I'm thinking of these as options;





    Anyone use these or have other recommendations?
  2. Rossignol

    Rossignol The Original Sheriff Staff Member Global Moderator Sponsor Forum Moderator

    I haven't used any of those. I did once use a receiver end plate similar to the first and last pictured. Initially I really liked it but it was thick and aluminum and the MASH hook was eating away at it.

    Now with the first one, it's wide enough for the web of the sling so I don't see a problem. And with the Magpul, I don't see a problem there either as long as the hook used with it can't chew up the polymer.

    I really don't see any trouble with any of them. My preference is to not use anything with the pin in the receiver but only because it's one more step to take the gun apart. But I don't think there's any issue there except for lazy folks like myself.

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