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Discussion in 'Mossberg 930 Autoloader' started by NateG, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. NateG

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    I just shot my spx today for the first time and had a blast. I plan on ordering an aimpro tri rail and I really like the look of heat shields on shotguns. Does anyone know if someone makes one for the 3rd gen barrel?
  2. SHOOTER13

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    I know of two people at the range I frequent that have installed heat shields on the 930 SPX...have you tried searching online !?
  3. NateG

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    Ya and I couldn't find anywhere so thats why I am asking here since there are alot of spx owners. I found one guy who had one but it was for the 1st runs not the 3rd gen and I read the 3rd has a bigger barrel.
  4. tcecil88

    tcecil88 20g

    I bought one of the polymer ones off ebay and it did not fit my 3rd Gen. 930 SPX. I like the looks of a heat shield too, but it would take some modifying to fit as I have the Aimpro forearm on mine. The polymer one extended past the knurled end of the magazine extension. I would prefer one that ended just in front of the forearm. They would have to make a bolt on heatshield specifically for the 930 SPX.
    Maybe Aimpro can help. I hear really good things about their heatshields. I will shoot them an email and post any response.

    I sent Aimpro an email asking about bolt-on heatshields for the 3rd Gen SPX, and the possibility of doing a weld-on heatshield and the forcing cone modification as a combo. I will post any response.
  5. NateG

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    Thanks for all the help. Keep me updated.
  6. Wheelgunner

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    I just purchased a 930 SPX w/pistol grip.
    I've been looking to find Heatshield, since I invert the shotgun to reload.
    Hopefully Aimpro has one available.
  7. tcecil88

    tcecil88 20g

    I sent an email to Aimpro asking about a bolt-on heatshield and a weld-on heatshield, and I have 2 phone calls in with no response to any of them. Sorry I could not help more.
  8. tcecil88

    tcecil88 20g

    I have been sitting here for 2 hours trying to figure this out. The 2 problems you have with the 3rd Gen. 930 SPX and the heatshield is the forearm and the barrel diameter.
    The Mossberg factory bolt-on metal heat shield (like on the 500's and 590's) has a band at the back that wraps around the barrel just in front of the receiver. You will have to modify the receiver end of the forearm for that. Not a big deal if you have the tools to do it and you don't mind hacking on a $150 Aimpro forend. But I cannot say the front of the shield will be large enough in diameter to fit the heavy barrel.
    I ran into a clearance issue with the ATI metal heatshield whose barrel band was about 4-5 inches forward of the receiver. The forward 10 inches of the heatshield goes too low and contacts the forend necessitating a extensive mod to the forend or heatshield. That is enough to eliminate the ATI from consideration.
    3 problems with the polymer heatshields. Forend clearance at the receiver end for the barrel band, piston clearance where the band arms contact the piston, and securing the front of the shield.
    I found a pic of a 930 SPX with the polymer shield, bought one because of this, and then found the retaining screws were too short to secure it to the front of the barrel. The pic must have been of an earlier generation SPX with the lighter barrel.
    I am going to try longer screws, but the top of the shield that houses the anchor nuts is spread out of square when pressed down on the heavy barrel. I don't even know if the screws will line up when I get them or if they will want to cross thread, ruining the shield.
    The front inside lip of the polymer shield has 2 raised bands that could be removed, widening the opening and that would probably work, but the raised bands are where the screw anchors are, so removing material here is probably not a good idea.
    All said and done I think that the polymer shield has the best chance of working as it appears that you will only have to remove a small amount of material from the back of the forend, trim the barrel band arms, and buy longer screws to secure the front. It appears to clear the length of the top of the Aimpro forend and actually has very little gap for a nice clean look.
    If you really needed the shield, you could always use a high temp, high strength zip tie to secure the front in a pinch, but those will fail eventually.

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