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understanding the law

Discussion in 'Gun Rights, Fights and Rallies' started by gibson_es, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. gibson_es

    gibson_es .410

  2. Sn3aKyGuY

    Sn3aKyGuY .30-06

    Quickest way, call your local sheriff's office and ask. SO Dept. handles most firearms issues across the US.
  3. gibson_es

    gibson_es .410


    Will do!

    And to clarify, im just trying to understand. It was broughtto my att3, that it seems like im out to circumvent the waiting period. Its not a big deal. However. If i dont have to wait. Why do it? If i do, no biggie.
  4. SHOOTER13

    SHOOTER13 Guest

    Seems Florida State law is pretty clear...

    (d) The following shall be exempt from any waiting period:

    1. Individuals who are licensed to carry concealed firearms under the provisions of s. 790.06 or who are licensed to carry concealed firearms under any other provision of state law and who show a valid license;
    2. Individuals who already lawfully own another firearm and who show a sales receipt for another firearm; who are known to own another firearm through a prior purchase from the retail establishment; or who have another firearm for trade-in;
    3. A law enforcement or correctional officer as defined in s. 943.10;
    4. A law enforcement agency as defined in s. 934.02;
    5. Sales or transactions between dealers or between distributors or between dealers and distributors who have current federal firearms licenses; or
    6. Any individual who has been threatened or whose family has been threatened with death or bodily injury, provided the individual may lawfully possess a firearm and provided such threat has been duly reported to local law enforcement.

    http://archive.flsenate.gov/statutes/in ... 90.33.html

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