930 24" non-ported 12G barrel available?

Discussion in 'Mossberg 930 Autoloader' started by mingaa, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. mingaa

    mingaa Raconteur Forum Moderator

    Like it says - I'm looking for a 930 non-ported 24" 12G barrel threaded for chokes. There's a 2 year discussion on Eno's forum and some custom ones may have been made. I've done a good bit of searching but meeting all criteria has not happened yet. I can buy and modify but (of course) would prefer off the shelf.

    I'm looking to shoot 3gun this year and while small clubs might accept a defeated (covered) port - the letter of the rules push me into open classing. As a noob I may not care about classing BUT if there is an easy answer that I'm missing I'm going to certainly consider it.

    Thought I'd check here before calling Mossberg just in case!

    Thanks. :D
  2. MikeD

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    I've heard they are available from Mossberg even though they do not appear on the web page. I seem to recall some guys buying them for 3-gun competition.

    I'd give them a call.
  3. Water Monkey

    Water Monkey Constitutionalist Forum Moderator Supporter

    Post what Mossberg says. I'd be interested in what you find out.
  4. DHonovich

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    You can order them directly from mossberg without the porting. Not sure on the pricing though.
  5. mingaa

    mingaa Raconteur Forum Moderator

    Yes - the word is that the 3 gun set have had them made - Mossberg obliged. I hope that is true and that they are are reasonably priced. I'll call ASAP and post. I like the 24" as a compromise length - does a lot pretty well.
  6. Water Monkey

    Water Monkey Constitutionalist Forum Moderator Supporter

    Cool I'm also in the market for a 24" non-ported barrel threaded for chokes in a couple of months. I'd be interested in their price.
  7. mingaa

    mingaa Raconteur Forum Moderator

    YES! - I spoke with a Mossberg factory rep this AM and the barrel IS available. To order it you use the same part number as the ported version and they add it to the next run of those barrels (4-6 weeks turn is the story, varies with work load). The rep told me that the part # is 16975MTFO - same as the ported version (24" 930 non-ported, threaded for choke - probably only comes with the X-full turkey like mine from the factory but accepts standard Mossberg chokes - my old 500s work fine) - price quoted was $180 plus shipping.

    This is what the barrel (I believe) looks like on the website: turkey 93025 adjustable fo 12 ga. 24" accu - ulti-full only matte $189.63 (fo = fiber optic)

    I'd discuss the order carefully when placing it - I double checked (verbally) the part number on the call.
  8. Water Monkey

    Water Monkey Constitutionalist Forum Moderator Supporter

    Sweet thanks for the update. I'll probably call in an order closer to August so I'll have the barrel in time for the fall.
  9. mingaa

    mingaa Raconteur Forum Moderator

    Yeah - with the lag time I'll look at what 3gun match will be my starter and work backwards from that date. IDPA is fun and I'm looking for more real world shooting challenges! 3gun is a bigger commitment and not as frequent or close by as IDPA - there is a monthly match 15 miles form home and quite a few others to choose from.
  10. RippSpeed

    RippSpeed .223

    sweet thanx for the info ... need to order this next payday ...

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