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Discussion in 'Mossberg 510 Mini' started by Guitarmanrlk, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. Guitarmanrlk

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    I want to replace the butt stock on my mini 510 with a regular adult size one. What kind of butt stock will fit it, and where may I purchase one? Also is it something that someone that is brand new to guns could replace, or will it require a gunsmith? Thanks for any info.
  2. old mossy

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    what gauge 510 do you have? 12 and 20ga you can use any 500 butt stock for 12 or 20ga.
    all you need is a phillips screwdriver to remove rubber recoil pad and a long regular one to remove stock bolt.
    good place to get one,,,,
  3. ripjack13

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    If the 510 is a .410 gauge you can put a bantam size stock on it..
    I was going to put a Blackhawk recoil reducing stock on mine (my wifes) but she likes the one it came with. It will fit with a little bit of dremeling to it.

    Also...if you bought it new in the box, it should have came with a 50% off coupon from Mossberg for a bantam sized stock. You could call them and ask for it.
  4. Guitarmanrlk

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    Ordered the Hogue Mossberg 500 replacement kit with the forend. I have the 20 gauge model. Does the forend fit also?
  5. old mossy

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  6. eduardo

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    :D In reply to question about full size stock replacement for the model 510, you can order
    one from Mossberg. The description is as follows:

    Item # 14672 Description: STOCK ASM 20GA SYN Unit Price: $35.00 + shpg.

    I ordered one and it took five weeks to get it. I ordered thru the Mossberg website and they
    told me it would take about six weeks.

    Here is the address it was shipped from: Maverick Arms, Inc.
    Product Service Center
    1001 Industrial Blvd.
    Eagle Pass, TX 78853
    FAX (830) 773-5893 PHONE: (800)363-3555

    You might call and see if you can order direct from them.

    If you can't, then call Mossberg Arms at 203-230-5300. (you may be on hold for awhile)

    Hope this will be of help to those with the above subject.

    PS: Put mine on today (3/31/13) and am really pleased with the difference in length and feel.
    By the way, it will come with a new bolt and washers ( same as original ) I could only use the flat washer w/o the lock washer, but it tightened down real good.

    LOP on new one is 14 inches.

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