Help! "Ejector" / "cocking handle" Broken?

Discussion in 'Mossberg 715T Tactical .22 Autoloader' started by Acura22cjb, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. Acura22cjb

    Acura22cjb Copper BB

    I took my 715T shooting one time. I fired about 40 rounds down the range until i got fail to ejects, I cleared the empty cases out and noticed a metal loosely rattling around inside. Its a black piece of cheap metal broke in two piece ! My slide/cocking handle does not stay im the open position. ? Can ANYONE help me ? Can i need any information on this topic ? The name of piece ? Is it simply replaceable ? Mossberg has not returned a single email PLEASE HELP thank you..... I attached a picture of the loose pieces that fell out of the gun.
  2. BowerR64

    BowerR64 .223

    Can we see a picture of the broken parts? if any that you have?
  3. Acura22cjb

    Acura22cjb Copper BB

    Sorry I will post more pictures for better knowledge

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  4. Acura22cjb

    Acura22cjb Copper BB

    I hope these help

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  5. Acura22cjb

    Acura22cjb Copper BB

    This Is A Picture I found on the web.. The Arrows and circles are indicates of location on my broken piece ....

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  6. BowerR64

    BowerR64 .223

    You may have to send it back.

    Looks like it broke where the yellow lines are. The part with the screw should be still attached to the trigger housing?


    Your gun should be still under warranty you can send it back but who knows how long you will be without your gun.

    If it were mine ide just suck it up and order the part off e-bay and fix it myself. New gun should run longer then 40 rounds before you have any problems but i wasnt using it so its hard to say what happened to cause it to fail. It shouldnt even of broke it should of just bent or something.

    Well anyway it looks like this is the part you need. Its $10. off e-bay. If you decide to just get the part and replace it yourself left me know ill try and help with some pictures how to tear it down and where the part goes and how it fits.

    As it sits now i dont think the gun will function without that plate. ... _810wt_972

    If that link doesnt work i search "702 plinkster" on e-bay the plate is "Mossberg 702 Plinkster .22 Rifle Ejector P - 207"

    good luck.
  7. Acura22cjb

    Acura22cjb Copper BB

    Thank you for the help! I took your advice and purchased the 702 ejector off ebay.
    So one day I got home from work and package from Maverick Arms in texas. The original Mossberg company sent the real piece I need hahaha. They never emailed me to conform to them sending the piece so i have two. Lol so thank you, i have a spare ejector now. ONE question , does that little screw that holds the "ejector" in place on your gun , screw off ? I tried removing the screw but it doesnt budg! Lol
  8. BowerR64

    BowerR64 .223

    Sorry i didnt read this till just now.

    Mine does come out but i did notice once i took it out it has lock tight holding it in so it doesnt work loose.

    Its only threaded into plastic so it should be in there to good. Try and tighten it first then loosen it sometimes you can get it to move one way before the other.

    Also if you have a decent phillips try waching the screw driver with it in the screw. So put the screw tip into the screw and then before you turn it whack the end of the screw driver pretty good then try and turn it.

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