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Discussion in 'Mossberg 100 ATR Bolt Action' started by swany6mm, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. swany6mm

    swany6mm Copper BB

    Greetings all. First post on this forum, but not new to forums or guns ;) Currently serve in the Active Army and own a few others of my own;
    1959 S&W Highway Patrolman MOD 28 .357 w/ 6"
    1940's single shot 20G Winchester
    Springfield XDm 3.8 45ACP (had an XDs as well, too small for my hands so I sold it to a friend)
    Ruger M77 MKii 30-06
    Remington 870 Super Magnum w/ 28" and 18.5"
    and just picked up a Mossberg ATR 100 30-06, synth stock

    Heck, the wife and mother have some as well
    Wife has a Ruger LCR 357 and Mossberg Youth Bantam 20G 500 w/ pink camo
    Mom has a Mossberg 500 Youth with short barrel and extended mag (when Dad passed, she knew she needed something around the house for her).

    Sorry for the long intro. Onto my question - I LOVE the ATR 100. I changed out the scope for a Bushnell Banner Dusk/Dawn 3x9x40, had it bore sited with the Leupold Zero and was on paper in the first shot (almost in the bull zone). However, after spending some time, I have decided that the 13.5 LOP on it just isn't going to work. I thought I could get it to, but just no luck. I know there's a ton of stuff that go into figuring your "Perfect" LOP, but, at the basic level, I need a 14.5. I've spent days on the 'Net searching, went to a few shops around town (Sportsman Warehouse, Specialty Sports, etc) and tried EVERY brand and EVERY model they had (Pachy, Limbsaver, specific model fit, grind to fit, etc) and nothing worked. The closest I came was LS's slip on's, but they "wiggled" instead of sitting solid (first time using one).

    I even thought about switching up to a Boyds Gunstock, but even they say their stocks use their own recoil pad and I would have to find a Grind to Fit one to increase the LOP on their stocks (which are also 13.5)

    I'm now down to thinking the only option I have left is to find a solid chunk of black ABS and grind it to fit. Beyond that, it's go to a Gunsmith and now you are talking about getting outside to cost range of what I wanted to do. If I had wanted to start spending that much money on the riffle, I would have stepped up to something like a Remmy 700 ADL :( I picked the MB ATR 100 because of it's low cost/high performance value.

    Any and all advice on this one is appreciated.
  2. DHonovich

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    Have you had any luck finding a solution to your LOP problem on your 100ATR?
  3. swany6mm

    swany6mm Copper BB

    No I have not. The only two solutions so far have been "Take it to a gun smith" and a friend of mine who is good with fabrication saying to not take it to a gun smith and that when I return to bring it to him (military currently away from home). Guess it's going to be a custom job after all.
  4. old mossy

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    welcome from NY and thank you for serving.
  5. swany6mm

    swany6mm Copper BB

    Thank you, and you are more than welcome. I'm very happy to do it :) (if I wasn't, I'd be in the wrong line of work lol)

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