Mossberg 702 Plinkster Rimfire Troubleshooting

Discussion in 'Mossberg 702 Plinkster Rimfire' started by DHonovich, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. DHonovich

    DHonovich Founder Staff Member Administrator Vendor "Philanthropist"

    Any issues, concerns or problems you may have with your mossberg 702 plinkster rimfire; this is a thread for troubleshooting.
  2. jrrtex99

    jrrtex99 Copper BB

    My 702 has been jamming a lot lately. I've cleaned/lubed it and switched ammo, to no avail. Any suggestions?
  3. DHonovich

    DHonovich Founder Staff Member Administrator Vendor "Philanthropist"

    When did this issue start or has it always jammed?
  4. jrrtex99

    jrrtex99 Copper BB

    It never jammed until the last two outings. It started jamming when we were out at the range the last time, so I brought it home and cleaned/lubed it for about two hours. We went out to the range yesterday and it started jamming again.
  5. robdark

    robdark Copper BB

    Are you using LR ammo? If you are not, this could be the problem.
  6. walpoler

    walpoler .410

    any new issues floating around about the 702? might be getting one in the future
  7. seamus30

    seamus30 Copper BB

    Hi, I have one of these and have put about 5000 rounds through it in the last 5 years. Lately I've noticed its not as accurate as it used to be. I do clean it on a regular basis, but it has spent a lot of time strapped to the rack of my ATV. The scope is a cheap bushnell but hasn't needed to be zeroed until recently. I can't seem to get it to shoot consistently anymore. Could it be the scope or is it just worn out?
    Thanks for any input.
  8. DHonovich

    DHonovich Founder Staff Member Administrator Vendor "Philanthropist"

    My first guess would be to check your scope, mounts and try to rezero it.


    Sorry, I haven't really had any jams yet. One here and there. Always when the gun is dirty. Cleaning always fixes jamming issues for me.

    As for shooting consistently,

    I had a problem with my bushnell. It was the cheap rings they come with. The rings were sliding on the rail. But it took quite a few shots to do it. I tried tightening it and ended up pulling a screw through the top half of one ring. Wouldn't shoot a 10 inch group at 25 yards. Got a set of Leupold rings and they work great. No problems. Mine will not shoot federal ammo consistently. Or any higher velocity ammo for that matter except CCI stingers, which strangely shoot 3 inches to the right of standard velocity but no vertical wandering. I dialed in using CCI standard round lead nose 25 bucks a brick and it shoots dead on. I haven't shot 5000 through mine yet. Probably 2000 or so. But it did take a while to finally figure it out. Gun has been excellent so far. I've only had it for about 6 months though.
  10. seamus30

    seamus30 Copper BB

    So, I took the scope off and what do you know? It shoots straight again. Since I only use this gun to shoot grouse and plink around I think I'll be sticking with the open sights.

    Thanks for the replies.
  11. pickled420

    pickled420 Copper BB

    wow! what can i say? plinkster? more like stinkster! have had nothing but problems since loading the first mag. ended up having a battle with mossberg to get it fixed. now its getting fixed or so i hope meanwhile i am with out my brand spanking new rifle. the customer service through mossberg was horrible to say the least. ended up having to talk to the customer service manager to get anything done. so out more money for the thing and nothing to show but i wish i would have bought a different brand. sure mossberg can make a decent shotgun. but after this little experience i would rather go with a company that produces quality firearms from start to finish. i have had gun issues with a couple other companies and they fixed them right away. what is mossbergs problem. i keep reading of issues my gun has. so when they gonna figure out something is not well designed and fix the issues. come on! We pay good money for our guns at least mine cost a pretty penny. if i was to do it all over i would just go with ruger or marlin. at least i know they dont have as many problems and they stand behind their product. thats a big deal when you want to continue buying a certain brand. shame on mossberg for the way my case is being handled. maybe they will make it right in the end and i can buy that model 500 i want.....we shall see
  12. VitSports6

    VitSports6 20g Supporter


    I'm sorry you have had such an issue with Mossberg on the whole, What sort of issues were you having with your 702?
    I wish you a quick return on your rifle.
  13. pickled420

    pickled420 Copper BB

    well brian from the first shot it jammed, shot 2 times and it jammed, then i shot a few more and the trigger continuously stuck. i took it home cleaned it, then took it back out. again nothing but jamming would hold open on every shot just about. the gun has only ever cycled 2 mags. successfully. it also was slamming open so bad it damaged the bolt housing really bad. all in all i was ready to stomp on it and light it on fire. i then decided there is really something wrong with it. when i called to send it back they told me it was manufactured in '09 and couldnt be sure that i was the only owner. i bought it in the box. i do not care when it was made. i have a ruger mark i and a mark ii and when something went wrong they got them fixed. my mark i was manufactured in 1972 and they still fix anything wrong. i am not even the original owner. ruger stands by their product and i would expect mossberg to do the same. but the gun was accurate for what little rounds i got through it. it is a beautiful gun chrome with a wood stock. but i bought it to function not just look pretty. there was so many problems sending it back to get repaired thats my biggest issue besides the problem the gun is the worst i have ever seen. i have been shooting .22 lr rifle since i was 3. i have never experienced so many issues with a gun. from feeding to extracting it was an absolute mess. I paid $225.00 without taxes and without the shipping charges of sending it back. for what i got into it the thing should be better than a ruger 10/22. but it never will be. all in all i feel took. i figured mossberg made great shotguns how could they screw up a .22? well they sure managed to with this piece of junk. they really need to look into the issues with this gun alot of people are having exact issues.
  14. 74 cascade

    74 cascade Copper BB

    I bought a 702 with the carbon fiber stock for my wife am having the same issue with the last shot hold open sticking.After reading this post i checked and sure enough charging bolt slamming back hard enough to bend the metal behind it am wondering if maybe a bad spring .
  15. bellofello

    bellofello .223

    Is that little plastic bolt stop still there? In the rear of the action
  16. mpvick69

    mpvick69 .22LR

    every one under stands Mossberg does not actually make the 702 in their factories but instead import it from a company in brazil known as CBC (also known as magtech) I have been having soom light primer strike issues causeing the the bolt to go back (but does not get enough force from the bullet to cause it to go back all the way) (btw I own the magtech 7022(literally the same gun))there fore causeing stove pipes and other weird ejections (cleaning didn't help I have scrubed it clean lubbed it and still issues) any ideas on how to fix it
  17. marker318

    marker318 Copper BB

    I have 2 of these, the 702 and 715T. Did not realise the 715T is a 702 internally.
    Had I known this, I would NOT have bought a second one, I figured with the massive issues I had on the 702 five years ago, Mossberg would have fixed this by now.... I see I am sadly mistaken.
    I have had MASSIVE issues with the feeding on this rifle.
    Mossberg clearly does not care about whether they build good guns or crap guns.

    Both have identical issues, and i'm no gun smith, but even I can see this issue.
    There are 2 issues, actually.
    The ramp (DIRECTLY UNDER THE CHAMBER) is too short/ needs to be about 5 or 10 mils taller.
    No, it is NOT WORN. I have 20 rounds into the 715 and about 200 in the 702.

    Look at the chamber, where the bullet will sit when fully ready to fire, there is a gap between the chamber and the feed ramp. Now I understand there should be some space so the rim of the bullet will seat proper, but this space is rediculously excessive. If the rim needs 5 mils, you've got about 30 or 40...
    On 1st shot/ manual feeding it will catch on every bullet. EVERY BULLET. It slices 1/8 inch off the side of every single bullet, and bites into the bullet about 1/32 of an inch. Yes, even copper jacket... sometimes it just slices off a strip of copper, but does load, rarely.
    Brass jacketed Remington is the only ammo that will work, apparently brass is hard enough.
    Seems brass works well enough. I have no bolt issues, etc... you would have a darned good rifle if the design was thought through better.... one extra step in the manufacturing process, and you might actually have a good rifle. It could be a trustworthy rifle, but my 702 and 715T are shaky at best.

    I can tell you EXACTLY what is shaving off the copper/ causing jams. The chamber/ hole in the barrel is a perfect 90 degree, the seat of the barrel is the root of this issue, the ramp is contributing.

    Take the barrel off the rifle. You see the hole where the bullet sits? Yes, that is the chamber, just in case Mossberg engineers need to know what it's called...
    Yeah, bevel/ream it, 2 or 3 mils, 45 degree angle maybe, where the bullet actually sits.... problem is probably solved. On a feed-in, the bullet would not catch on the 'lip' of the chamber, this is exactly where the problem lies, the short ramp contributes.
    I'm no engineer, and don't claim to be, but this could be fixed easily.

    I don't actually expect Mossberg to fix this, or to fix both of my rifles, but I have been burned by Mossberg. I am sorry to say, they are happy building crap.
    This is just my 2 cents.

  18. evilavatar

    evilavatar Copper BB

    I have had similar issues to marker318 with my plinkster using the standard remington bulk .22LR ammo. Has anyone found a fix to this issue or should I contact mossberg as my .22 is still under the 1 year warranty. The plinkster will only fire a couple successive shot if i am lucky and tends to jam a lot. I think if only got 3 shots to load right as my highest group.
  19. vwfye

    vwfye .223

    My 715T received 500 rounds today, new, without a hiccup. No pre-oiling, no pre-cleaning... just bam, bam, bam!
    I wish I knew how to help ya, sorry you aren't happy!
  20. boomer92266

    boomer92266 Copper BB

    email's to mossberg a waste of time!!!!

    i got a new 702 for christmas from my wife, while cleaning it before my first shooting i slipped up and let the recoil spring and rod go flying. it had to have went out the door of my building as i have looked everywhere inside. i still haven't found it and now if i do they may be rusted with the weather we've been having. i have emailed mossberg 3 times and without any type of answer, :eek: i have given up on them and can't keep a gun that i can't get an answer from the company. i have tried to call but they say i will have to hold from 30 minutes to 50 minutes. :x thats not possible with a 18 month old in the house. they shouldn't have an email if they won't answer them, i would have loved my first post on the gun to be a good one but i doubt i'll ever know if it shot well as it will be for sale on facebook soon. :cry: thanks for letting me vent a little, thanks again.

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