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Discussion in 'Mossberg 930 Autoloader' started by myers022, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. myers022

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    Just did a full cleaning of my 930 before going out today to shoot some clays. Shot about 20 rounds and on the last shot, as usual the bolt is open. Went to close the bolt and it would not move, it's like it is almost frozen in the open position. Before it jammed the gun was shooting great no issues, then the bolt just jammed open. I took it apart, barrel, trigger assembly ect... I can push the charging handle back a bit more, maybe an 1/8 inch, but it won't budge forward in the slightest. Looking at it, everything looks OK, nothing looks broken ect..... As a side note, when I push the charging handle that bit, the slide moves but the bolt piece doesn't seem to move.
    Has anyone had any similar issues, trying to find how I can fix this before I take it to a smith to fix the issue.
    Any ideas would be welcome.
  2. NCLawman

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    Thats a new one to me... I'd check to see if the bolt is canted first, then make sure that the extractor is still in place and secure. (Check it by trying to wiggle it with the eraser of a pencil, dont want you to wiggle the bolt loose only to have it smash a finger!) If you have the SPX with the top rail, you may want to try and back out the screws a little. I was thinking that if one of the screws was in too deep it may protrude into the reciever and cause the bolt to hang up.

    Hope that helps, and let us know what the problem was. Good luck!
  3. mtbkrman

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    Recently purchased, one issue I would like to get resolved. The shotgun has a tendency to have the bolt jam on occasion. Everything looks to be within specs except one thing. After close examination I found that the "feedtray" or the part commonly referred to as the "elevator" has a tendency to lift up too high (This malfunction occurs from the "open bolt" position). This caused it (Elevator) to bypass the Interior portion of the "bolt release lever" (inside the right or ejection port) side of the receiver. This causes the bolt to stop until the handler reaches up inside the receiver and presses on the bolt release mechanism which in turn releases the elevator and allows bolt to move forward.

    A close look at the trigger group (at the elevator pivot point) leads me to believe there should be some sort of "tab" or something to limit the excess travel at that pivot point. This would prevent the elevator from rising to high and passing above the interior bolt release mechanism, thus eliminating the issue.

    Is there a solution to this problem? Has anyone else identified the problem?

    This is what I sent to Mossberg. Anyone else have this issue?
  4. mtbkrman

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    OK, after some time consuming examination I found that if I "press and hold" the bolt release button this malfunction goes away. If I press the button too fast then the "lifter" does it's thing and locks the bolt. This is only with an empty chamber. Haven't had the problem when gun is loaded. Still shouldn't do this but was only $650.00.
  5. Are you talking about this in my video? I believe it's a timing/feeding issue, where the shell elevator fails (Moves too fast) to let another round from the mag tube on to the elevator or the mag tube failed to feed a round to the shell elevator. It's only happen twice to me.

  6. mtbkrman

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    Yes, it is the same malfunction although I have never had it happen while live firing. Mine happens when I work the bolt with an empty tube. As I said in my 2nd post as long as I am holding the bolt release button in, the malfunction does not happen. Only if I try to use too light of a button press does it appear. I have no other major complaints except I found my spx shoots a bit to the right, approximately 3 inches at 50 yards. Currently working on an solution as it drives me crazy to see my rear site adjusted so far to the left to compensate. Not sure about your gun rest causing that problem.
  7. "I have no other major complaints except I found my spx shoots a bit to the right, approximately 3 inches at 50 yards. Currently working on an solution as it drives me crazy to see my rear site adjusted so far to the left to compensate. Not sure about your gun rest causing that problem."

    Yup...mine does that too and this is my 2nd SPX and both of them shot the same
  8. mtbkrman

    mtbkrman Copper BB

    Think i'm going to speak with my local smithy and see if its possible to have the rail holes sort of "ovaled" out so the rail has a bit of side to side play and allows the thing to be set a bit left. Again, it drives my brain nuts to see my ghost ring alligned so far to the left.
  9. johnds

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    The jamming has happened to me several times on an older model spx. It finally happened and I was unable to get it unjammed. I boxed the shotgun up and sent it to the service center with a note stating the obvious and also complaining about the sight alignment. It came back3 weeks later with paper work stating that they had changed the elevator, the magazine extension tube, the spring and the barrel along with a couple of other pieces. It works better than ever now. No charge. All it cost me was the postage to send it in via fedex ground. The upgraded choate magazine extension no longer has the seam on the inside that sticks up and the barrel appears to be the new generation heavy barrel with higher front sight. Not to be a whiner, but I do have one complaint. I have attached a photo. I have sent the photo on an email to customer service asking for a little help with the scratches.

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  10. Ouch..those are kinda deep! Call Mossberg and tell them to send you a return prepaid shipping label. Send it back!
  11. johnds

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    Just a short follow up. I called Mossberg today because they had not responded to my email. The service rep was very helpful. He looked up my email and said no problem and that he would send another magazine tube right out. I told him I was still having problems with the sight alignment even with the replacement barrel. He said that some of the barrels had a bore alignment problem. I am waiting to hear if they will send a replacement barrel without me having to send the entire gun back to the service center. Sorry, I didn't mean to hi-jack this thread. Does anyone know if Mossberg is loctiting the magazine tube into the receiver?

  12. SeaScout

    SeaScout .223

    I don't believe so although it can be tight the first time you try to remove it.
    A small strap wrench can help.
  13. gottahunt

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    I noticed the same scratches on my mag tube when I clean my brand new 930 today after getting home from the gun shop. Wonder what is doing that?
  14. raven01750

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  15. johnds

    johnds Copper BB

    You think that the folks at the service center would be aware of this problem. Just for general information, I am still having problems with the sight alignment on my 930spx. I have had 3 different barrels on it and I still have to move the rear sight about 2/3rds of the way to the left side stop to be on target. I am beginning to think that the receiver was drilled off center. I recall seeing that problem mentioned somewhere else. I am still waiting on my replacement magazine tube btw.

  16. raven01750

    raven01750 .223

    Wellllll, I wish I could say that Mossberg is producing nothing but perfect guns straight from the factory... But I can't. That's why were here! :D On this forum, I have recieved help, encouragement and some good advice in regards to my 930 SPX. You will too. And Mossberg WILL make it right. I had to send mine back twice. The first time was right after I opened the box and looked down the barrel. The second time for the same problems as the first but worse when it returned. But after sending it back the second time, it came home like a well oiled machine and has been a real hoot to own. Patience is the key. Mossberg lives up to their warranty. Stick with it and you too will have the "NRA's Shotgun of the Year." Just like you want it.


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