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My new 930 SPX

Discussion in 'Mossberg 930 Autoloader' started by rrhookup, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. rrhookup

    rrhookup Copper BB

    Hi All. New to this great website and have picked up a wealth of info over the last three weeks of lurking. Picked up my 930 SPX after the CA 10 day hold period on 2/21/12 from our local Turners. Thanks to m24shooter and SoCal Choppas inspected the gun thoroughly, everything appeared to be good to go. I've owned a 30 y/o reliable Remington 870 Wingmaster that I purchased while in college but hadn't shot it in over 10 years!

    Checklist -
    Tall front sight, not canted
    Barrel, thick walled
    Rear sight, centered
    rail/front sight screws, OK
    Elevator operation, OK
    No magazine burrs
    knurled charge handle
    blue gas spring
    gas piston OK,
    36" mag spring,
    magazine extension tube, slightly out of round (call into CS for replacement tube)
    FCG, not too loose
    Packaging date 1/13/12, build date 10/11

    Took her home cleaned her up thoroughly. Lots of brown gunk throughout.
    Installed NC barrel clamp/rail for surefire light
    Installed NC charge handle
    Blackhawk sling and swivels
    Waiting on S&J follower and safety

    Took her to the range the last two days.

    10 rds Fiocchi low recoil 00, 1st rd elevator jam, 2nd rd elevator jam, 3rd round fte, 4th rd fte.
    Cleared each if the miscues and believe it was a follower jam and/or spring seating problem. Possibly newbie excitement while cleaning the gun and reinstalling the spring/follower/mag extension the first night.....likely operator error.

    10 rds Winchester slugs, good to go, no issues
    20 rds Fiocchi low recoil 00, good to go, no issues
    10 rds of 25+ y/o magnum load, no issues
    10 rds of 25+ y/o birdshot, no issues
    First impressions - I really like the shotgun, ALOT. First time semi auto shotgun owner and its a ton of fun to shoot. Many others at the range were impressed with the look and accuracy, especially shooting the magnum slugs.

    Inspected and cleaned her up when I arrived home. Light wear marks on magazine from gas piston. Took some CLP/steel wool to mag tube to smooth out the irregularities. Cleaned/checked the gas piston. With the help of Starfury's detailed chamber/gas port/ spring report I inspected the gas piston/chamber for metal shavings, roughness and excessive wear but all appeared to be clean. Ordered some flitz and plan to polish both faying surfaces to mitigate any problems in the future. Lubed her up good for the next outing...

    Day2 -
    50 rds Fiocchi low recoil 00, no issues
    10 rds of 25+ y/o magnum loads, no issues
    10 rds of 25+ y/o birdshot, no issues

    So far all is good. Hope to be able to take her to our Vegas home to do some outdoor range shooting and plow through 250+ rds. Thanks Mossbergowners for all the great info, and more specifically m24shooter, SoCal Choppas, and Starfury. Your reports have proven to be an invaluable source of credible info to newbie shotgun owners. This is way too much fun guys!

    Will post some pics soon.
  2. Starfury

    Starfury .22LR

    Very glad to hear things are working well for you with the new purchase! It is a fun shotgun to shoot :)

    Next time you are at the range, fire a couple rounds of the low recoil & birdshot with a limp wristing to see how your shotgun cycles. You can try holding the forearm like I did or just one hand fire it from the pistol grip/stock to let it roll with the recoil. I would be interested in how yours performs.

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