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Sept 6 Range Report

Discussion in 'Range Reports' started by CaddmannQ, Sep 8, 2019.

  1. CaddmannQ

    CaddmannQ 12g Supporter

    It has been quite a while since I had gone to the rifle range & after I paid my fees and filled out paperwork, I went up to the members range.

    The weather was not hot but the wind was Gusty from the left, and I shot rather poorly.

    This first target was CCI ammo, shot at 50 yards thru the Lyman peep sight, standing offhand, with the Henry 22 Magnum lever gun.

    I had started putting pasters on it before I remembered to take a photo.

    This is the approximate order in which I fired the shots, starting from a cold Barrel. I fired 13 times (which is the capacity of the tube) and two of them went into the target frame. We were having a little gusty crosswind at this point.
    Maybe 5 miles an hour.
    The Henry magnum rifle is as smooth as silk. Never a single Hiccup from the mechanism and I shot a hundred rounds through it.

    This was shot from a sandbag on the bench at 100 yards with the Lyman peep sight, same cartridge and weapon. At this point the wind had calmed down to virtually nothing.
    Again I took 13 shots and 3 landed in the diamond, 2 touched, plus the freaking hundred-yard bullseye! This is really incredible because at that distance the bead covers the target. I have no idea how I hit the bullseye.

    The next was shot from the bench (50 yds) with the heavily weighted Marlin Model 60, sporting a Leupold AR Mark One, 1~ 4 Power Scope.

    The tube holds 14 shots, and I shot the center Target first, off the bipod & the upper left second, from a sandbag.

    I started with a cold Barrel, shooting Remington Thunderbolts. I marked the cold shot in each pattern.
    As you see I did better from the sandbag. The semi-auto mechanism was flawless with the Thunderbolt cartridges, yet they are not the most accurate from this rifle. But they are powerful enough and the Marlin will spray them out as fast as you like without a jam.

    I shot this off sandbags and a concrete bench, at 50 yds, with the Ruger .308 precision rifle, and 150 grain Winchester deer loads.

    Unfortunately that was all the ammunition I had for it, and I once again proved that this gun does not like 150 grain Winchester's.

    I am using a Leupold gold ring 1 to 9 Power Scope, and I didn't bother to adjust it. There was only maybe 2mph crosswind at this point. I have blacked out some shots that were taken with a .22 at the same Target.
    I can't blame it all on the Winchesters though because I am not shooting very well with this rifle. It would be much better off the bench if I put a 2 lb counterweight on the front handguard.

    This is the weapon and ammo, off of the bipod at 100 yards.
    The first shot is at the bottom and you see I missed the Bullseye by 4.5 in. I adjusted the scope slightly and shot nine more. That's about 3 moa, which is fairly pitiful.

    It's much easier for me off the sandbag than the bipod.

    Our range is out in the desert hills, and this is pretty much what the scenery looks like.

    I shot this with a cellphone looking through a Leupold 60 power spotting scope.
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  2. CaddmannQ

    CaddmannQ 12g Supporter

    Guys, the Target that I shot with the Marlin Model 60 labeled 1 and 2 was shot at 50 yards and not 100.

    I had not mentioned that and I didn't want to mislead anybody
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