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This has gone far enough! Please help and take action

Discussion in 'Gun Rights, Fights and Rallies' started by Harry_Merkin, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Harry_Merkin

    Harry_Merkin Copper BB

    Please support the people that will fight for your 2nd Amendment Rights.

    The NRA also has a special promotion for a huge discount on life memberships. Regularly it's $1,000, but this promotion lets you buy a life membership for only $300. The key is that you must be invited by a current life member.

    Hey! No problem. The radio host of Gun Talk, Tom Gresham is life member, and he is inviting you. They even found a way around the long wait times. This phone number is only for folks who have been invited by him. That's all of you! Just call 1-888-678-7894. You don't even need his life member number, because that phone number is linked to my number. There is no commission on this, but it's a heck of a deal.

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  2. Itsricmo

    Itsricmo .30-06

    Welcome to Mossberg Owners and thanks for the information! I have recently heard that it is $600 for any non invited life member. I guess if you have the cash to drop on it, it is a good deal! I don't have that right now but I would like too lol
  3. VitSports6

    VitSports6 20g Supporter

    Yes I had heard it is $300 as well, IIRC it ends Feb 28th

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