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Winchester Model 100 Semiautomatic Rifle in 308 Win

Discussion in 'Range Reports' started by saleen322, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. saleen322

    saleen322 .410

    Not a Mossberg but I hope you find this interesting. We happened into a model 100 Winchester in 308 for a shotgun trade. Now I had heard of the 100s but never shot one before and the last 308 (7.62 NATO) autoloader I shot was a M-14 in the Marine Corps. The previous owner said it had been a family member's and not been shot for years. I took it apart, cleaned, and lubed it before taking it out to shoot. The other neat thing I liked about it was the steel tubed Sears scope from that period that looks like it was made by Weaver.

    During the cleaning I saw it had the old style firing pin that was recalled by Winchester. The last model 100 was made around 1973 and the serial number on this one puts it around 1969 so I didn't know if the recall was still being honored or not. So we call the phone number and a person picks up without any automated response. I ask about the recall and she checks the serial number and says that one was not changed. I send in the old style firing pin and get the corrected one AND about a week later I get a check for $30 from Winchester to help offset installation costs in case I pay a gunsmith to put it in.

    The rifle looks good, shoots as good as a lot of bolt guns, and it ejects the empties to almost the same spot every time. The recoil feels more like a 243 than a 308 so anyone could shoot this thing. Very good rifle and it makes you wish you knew about them sooner.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Bobster

    Bobster .30-06 Supporter

    That is pretty cool, Sal! Literally--snow on the ground! :D And very righteous of Winny to "repair" a nearly 50 year old gun for you! :)
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  3. John A.

    John A. Unconstitutional laws are not laws. Staff Member Administrator Global Moderator

    No apologies necessary. We are gun guys, and don't discourage other makes and models.

    The gun was taken very good care of. Glad they stood behind it with the firing pin too.
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  4. Djcala

    Djcala .30-06 Supporter

    Very cool post
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