Building Standard 930 to SPX specs

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  1. mackgriggs

    mackgriggs .22LR

    So, since the 930s are on backorder right now, there is time for me to really make sure I buy the correct model optimally.

    From budsgunshop, there are 4 shotguns options to consider ->

    1. Stock 930 model 85320 home security 5 shot $450 (actually in stock btw...)
    2. 930 field/security 85325 $500
    3. 930 SPX 8 shot 85360 $589
    4. 930 SPX 8 shot pg 85370 $645

    What I'm basically trying to do is figure out the best way of getting the spx pg WITH a long barrel for clay/skeet/chokes/etc.

    I believe (PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong) the differences between the 930 models and spx models are ->

    Ghost ring sights
    SPX has a parkerized, not blued finish
    NEW spx has the bigger charging handle
    NEW spx has the thicker 18.5" tube

    Isn't that it? And...does anybody know if the new 930 field/security models have the small charging handle or the new charging handles?

    I priced the following parts ->
    choate pg grip $83, $50 mag extension, $11 handle
    nordic tube clamp $50, $80 mag extension, $30 handle

    The nordic extensions and handles are better, but more expensive.

    The one thing I couldn't figure out was exactly how much the LPA ghost ring and front site was....or, perhaps someone has a better suggestion for a good site?

    Option 1: I buy the pg spx and then a barrel, that is $645 + $200 for the $845.

    Option 2: If I go the other route, I buy the field/security model, then upgrade it to "SPX levels". So, ->

    $500 for the gun
    + $50 - $80 extension
    $83 choate PG (unless there is a speedfeed or other stock that is new that a manufacturer now makes for the 930 that would be prefered?)
    + $11 - $30 handle
    + sights? Maybe like $150 - $200? I'm not sure how much or what site to buy...any comments? also how much to install, etc...(some require soldering, etc...)

    Going the average route would be $843....same price as the other way.

    Option 1: I would have a parkerized finish
    Option 2: Blued finish BUT I would have an extra "normal" stock as well as the pg.

    Am I right in my thinking? Several things could tip it either if the new field/security models come with the new charging handle, or sights are cheaper, etc....
  2. tgw

    tgw .22LR

    I got the 930 combo with the 28 and 18.5 inch barrels. I had the 18.5 inch barrel drilled and tapped for chokes (so I can shoot clays with the shorter barrel). I got the Nordic Component mag extension, clamp, bolt knob, 1.5 inch extension cap. Very nice quality. I installed an extended full choke, which brings the barrel out past the 1.5 inch extension cap and gives me the same seven round capacity as the 930 SPX with the Choate extension. Did not care about the GRS of the SPX since I installed a Weaver rail and mounted a micro reflex red dot.
  3. DHonovich

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    It is a really tough call deciding what Mossberg 930 autoloader package to go with. For me I needed a sporting clays shotgun but still really wanted a SPX. So I picked up a Mossberg 930 autoloader with the 28" VR barrel and have been slowly building it to be a dual purpose shotgun. I would go with whatever Mossberg 930 autoloader package is available and start building it to your liking.
  4. mackgriggs

    mackgriggs .22LR

    Thanks for your reply. I do hope that I have selection of which model when they become available, instead of a "this is all that's available so you have to buy THIS model" is to wishful thinking!

    Do you happen to know if my assumptions on the differences between the 930 and 930 spx were correct? (i.e., parkerized vs. blue'd barrels, etc?)

    Also, I noticed your (DHonovich) posts about your trulock chokes...nice pictures by the way. Question for you....

    How much did it cost to thread your 18.5" barrel? You responded but didn't actually say....

    I ask, b/c if its a lot less than buying a 28" barrel, I might go that route so I can use the 18.5" for skeet/clays, etc.....or, is there a large advantage to a 28" barrel vs 18" barrel even if both have chokes on them?

    @tgw....basically same much for threading? had the 28" barrel that was already threaded, so wouldn't have that barrel been better for shooting clays than a threaded 18"? why go through with the added cost?
  5. DHonovich

    DHonovich Founder Staff Member Administrator Vendor "Philanthropist"

  6. RippSpeed

    RippSpeed .223

  7. tgw

    tgw .22LR

    Regarding the cost, it was $65 for drilling and tapping for chokes including return postage. I find the shorter barrel works better for me using the micro reflex red dot sight. I also like shooting clays with my 18.5 inch 590A1, which I also had drilled and tapped for chokes. I shoot clays to improve my skills with both of my tactical shotguns. Whether I will ever get very good at shooting clays on my club's trap range remains to be seen. I practice alone to avoid the stares I would get with shooting tactical shotguns at the trap range.
  8. mackgriggs

    mackgriggs .22LR

    Could you let me know where you sent in your barrel? $65 seems like a great price to me... much did you spend on your micro reflex? Do you mind telling me which brand you bought, etc? you have a pic?

    Did you find that site and cost for the LPA sites that you bought?

    What about getting a Vang Comp choke done on the 18.5" barrel? Benefits/disadvantages/cost?

    And.....another dumb question...if I do get the field/security combo...the 28" barrel is already threaded, but what chokes can go in it? Is it universal? can take the mossberg chokes, the patternmaster chokes, the trulock chokes, etc?
  9. davidjoe897

    davidjoe897 Copper BB

    The 930 SPX is loaded with features that attracted me to it, and the price was a bargain compared to what a comparable package would cost from Remington or Benelli, which are the other two tactical shotguns that I have experience with and was considering for a semiauto shotgun purchase.

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  10. DHonovich

    DHonovich Founder Staff Member Administrator Vendor "Philanthropist"

    The mossberg 930 autoloader with 28" VR barrel uses the accu choke system which is same for the Mossberg 500 as well as some Winchesters. There are a lot of options available for you to use.

    I completely agree that the Mossberg 930 SPX is a killer deal for the money.
  11. Captain Jack

    Captain Jack Copper BB

    I bought the 930 Combo that comes with both barrels and am just going out today to shoot it for the first time so I am pretty stoked. I was in the same dilema as I wanted both HD and clay capabilities and this was my best bet.

    I got mine at Buds for about $500 so adding the mag extension and other stuff is no biggie as its still a bargain. Oh, mine came with the old bolt knob which kind of stinks, but I'm getting an aftermarket one anyway. I did a quick write up of mine at Calguns if you are interested: ... =930+combo

    Best of luck on whichever one you choose, I'm sure you'll like it.
  12. mackgriggs

    mackgriggs .22LR

    @Captain Jack

    Lucky! I would love to purchase from buds...they are just out of stock. Seems like they have the absolute best prices that I can find....especially since they include shipping...

    Are you planning adding a ghost ring sight? After adding the mag extension, charging handle, etc, the combo vs the standard spx is about the same price.....its just that you get a 28" tube instead of the I'm basically just trying to determine if I would rather have a 28" tube or ghost ring sights...

    hard choice.
  13. reeseman67

    reeseman67 .223

    I'm not sure but the only place that imports the LPA sight list's them as like $200-$250 depending on picatinny or receiver mounted/i.e. removable rear. So, it would be cheaper to get the SPX, I was thinking of doing the same until Buds got in a shipment of new SPX's from Mossy, and I jumped at it, had been looking for almost a year! Good luck whichever 930 direction you take! I'd like :twisted: a 930 Home Security with Nordic 2-round extension and XL cap w/18" bbl, and RECEIVER mounted (non removeable rear) LPA's, save you the trouble of getting that higher combed stock or a cheek riser/pad, etc. Think the SPX, as is, just with a LPA rear on receiver with a run of (cut down if have to) pic rail to edge of receiver then it would have a lower height over the bore which would give a better cheek weld, having the sight a 1/2"-3/4" lower on gun. HAVE FUN WITH THE PROJECT!
  14. RippSpeed

    RippSpeed .223

    Hey Mack;
    I didnt buy a LPA sights for my 930, it came with them I was looking @ getting the roadblocker barrel and adding the LPA sights on it ... And I did find the site I was looking at...

    I didnt forget about question brotha kept bugging and I had to find it but I did...

    click on the shotgun sights link on the top left side of the screen... Hope this helps...
  15. tgw

    tgw .22LR

    Rose Action Sports did both my 590A1 and my 930.
  16. mackgriggs

    mackgriggs .22LR

    Ok, sorry for not posting this earlier. Actually, about 2 weeks ago I was able to find 4 SPXs in stock at a local store.

    I had called EVERYWHERE around Boise but couldn't find anyone that had any in stock. Even called twin falls, ontario oregon, etc. However, there was 1 store left that is only open on the weekends. Called them and they had 4 SPXs!

    2 of the non pistol grip
    2 of the pistol grip stock

    It was a 45 minute drive but worth it! When I got there I realized that the 2 non pistol grips were the "gen 2" or old style charging handle, barrel, etc.

    The 2 pistol grips were interesting....they had the new charging handle, new barrels, but both were missing the front sling attachment. So, not "totally" gen 3, but definitely close.

    And this is why I was so glad that they had multiple in stock. 1 of the pistol grip had a crooked choate mag extension on it. However, at least both of them had non-canted sights. So, I bought the noncrooked mag extension and am very happy! Pics below.

    Anyway, got home, and the first thing I did was to call mossberg about the missing front sling attachment. was in total a 4 minute call including dialing, on hold, etc. Mossberg stated that it was simply a model that was built before they started adding the front sling attachment, and they said that if I was willing to drill a small hole in the forend I could get it installed. So, they shipped me the piece for free! Should be here any day now.

    I will say that the sling attachments look tiny though...can you actually get decent slings that use that specific type of attachment?

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  17. DHonovich

    DHonovich Founder Staff Member Administrator Vendor "Philanthropist"

    Congratulations on your new Mossberg 930 SPX! Its nice to hear Mossberg was able to send out the new sling attachment stud for you free of charge. You can certainly find sling mounts that will attach to those studs.
  18. mackgriggs

    mackgriggs .22LR

    The attachment came in today!

    Can someone take a pic and also measure where their front sling attachment is? As you can see from the pic, if I install the attachment too far forward (where the forend tapers a bit), it will push into the magazine extension.

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  19. mackgriggs

    mackgriggs .22LR


    Can someone take a pic and also measure where their front sling attachment is?
  20. RippSpeed

    RippSpeed .223

    Hey Mack I'll get it for you today...

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